CD Review! Boyzone - BZ20

Honestly, I've never been a fan of boy bands. Full stop. Westlife, Boyzone, The Backstreet Boys, the list goes on. So when BZ20 fell into my lap and just rolled my eyes and shelved it. My fiancĂ©, on the other hand, is a big lover of boy bands. He took the CD and put it on repeated play in his car, without me knowing about it. So the other day we were driving to Cape Town and the CD was playing. I had no idea it was Boyzone. I found myself singing along, liking the atmospheric stadium sound of the rock and pop tunes and were pleasantly surprised how much I loved the cover versions of the songs Everything I Own (originally done by Bread and rerecorded by Boy George,  The Connells, Jack Jones, Ken Boothe, Olivia Newton-John, Georgie Fame, Jude, Rod Stewart) and Nobody Knows (originally done by Tony Rich in 1996). When I asked my fiancĂ©, what CD this was, I was quite surprised and taken aback to learn it was Boyzone. "Seriously!?" I gasped. Have you ever! This is a great CD. A stunner of a CD with a collection of songs that will make you want to sing and tap your feet. This is a must now on my playlist in the car. Boyzone has been 20 years in the business (thus BZ20) and they sure get my stamp of approval with this release.