Eminem Rapture tour ticket problems?

It sounds just wrong and even harder to imagine, but one can't help but to think that there might be a problem with the Eminem Rapture tour ticket sales. I hope I am wrong, but there were some signs that all could be not well in the ticket sales department. I bought a ticket in December - a seating ticket for R700. Mmm, it just sounded a bit expensive for me, but as I am very eager to see Eminem, I bought the ticket. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that there are now R200 tickets available. "Sure," I told myself, "U2 and Michael Jackson did the same a few days before their shows by releasing cheaper tickets." I know that with big shows, tickets are released in blocks. When one is sold out, more are released. What got me suspicious, when it was announced 48 hours before the show that you can now buy 1 ticket and get 1 free! In an email, it stated, "Promoters have just announced that all production ticket holds have now been released and are offering fans this once in a lifetime special deal to buy limited tickets available on the basis of buy one ticket and get one free over all price ranges. Why not use your bonus ticket on your Slim Shady alter-ego or a friend for free, so you both can lose yourself in the music." Could this be a sign that there are ticket sale problems and the Cape Town Stadium (68 000-seater, for concerts around 50 000) might look empty, or is it just a very clever PR strategy? I truly hope it's the latter...