Fokofpolisiekar back with rocking new song

Fokofpolisiekar (Credit: Alice Inggs)
Local rockers Fokofpolisiekar has surprised fans with the release of a hot new song, Paranoia. This is the first new release by the band singe their last single, Dagdronk from the VanFokKingTasties album in 2012. Francois van Coke said about Paranoia that they "have “written one of our greatest songs to date.” Hunter Kennedy ads, “We’ve spent our careers breaking down previously held opinions and stereotypes of Afrikaners to establish a new identity. That identity is not fully formed yet and I think a big part of forming that identity will be for Afrikaners to accept their ‘Africanness’. Afrikaners are the ones alienating themselves. Paranoia is one of the side-effects of not understanding who you are and where you fit in.” Fokofpolisiekar will be working on more new material this year and Hunter believes that “this song will set the concept of the album.” "We have been talking about writing new material forever. It's difficult to fit it into everyone's extremely busy schedules. We finally managed to finish off this song. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Johnny De Ridder.  It is the first time that he has done the complete thing for Fokofpolisiekar.  I think it is fresh and I could not have imagined it any different or better.  I am a fan of this song;  just as I was when we started writing the first FPK stuff in 2003. I am excited!'' says Wynand Myburgh. Fans of the band can download the new song for free from