Jack Parow talks about his new CD 'Nag Van Die Lang Pette' and being a support act for Eminem

The Arrow Of Parow is super stoked to be one of the supporting acts for rapper Eminem's first tour of South Africa. The Beat had a "dop" (drink) with Jack Parow while he was still trying to pinch himself that he is actually gonna open for Eminem, and he also talked to us about his latest killer double CD, 'Nag Van Die Lang Pette'.
Team Parow
Awesome release Jack! Why did you decide on doing a double CD? With the state of album sales and obviously the economy I wanted to give everyone something that really was worth spending money on. I think I hopefully did that.

The electro CD is just brilliant! Why going electro with CD 1? Like all things in life I'm zero to 100 from the get go and only think about the consequences afterwards,so that's why you listen to the electric side first and then when you're hungover you listen to the acoustic and try and puzzle all the shit you caused together.

Dans Met My ft Klipwerk Orkes is one of my favourite tracks. Never new boeremusiek and electro could go so well together. How did you manage to get the Klipwerf Orkes involved with the CD and what did they make of the final production of the song? I actually originally did it for a show called jam sandwich that Deon Maas set up, and it came out so lekker and they are such amazing and cool musicians that I decided it has to be on my album so that everyone that knows me can hear it. They loved the final product, so I'm happy!

I found the radio raps hilarious and so you. Who is the voice behind the radio raps and who wrote the verses for those radio raps? It's a friend of mine, he is nextlevel, check him out,he is all over the internet and jou ma se agterplaas. He wrote it all himself, or actually probably just winged it, he makes me cry.

CD 2 is more chilled than CD 1. Did you find it harder to record the acoustic versions of the songs, or was it a natural flow for you? It was actually a pretty easy vibe because I was lucky enough to be working with amazing musicians such as Loki Rothman and Justin de Nobrega...so it really was just a shit load of fun

You are one of the supporting acts for Eminem. Shot! When did you find out about this? About two weeks ago. So sudden!

Your thoughts on opening for Eminem? SO AMPED!! I would have just loved to watch him,so opening for him is fokken better

Are you a fan of Eminem? Of course, lyrically and flow wise there is no one that comes close,so can’t help but be a fan

What's the chances of you and Eminem collaborating on a song? haha...hopefully REALLY HIGH

What is your favourite Eminem track? My favourite is still "As The World Turns"

What can fans expect to hear when you support Eminem on his SA tour? We are working hard on our new set...so be ready...it’s gonna be crazy!!

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