REVIEW! Eminem kicks ass in Cape Town

Eminem live on stage in Cape Town, South Africa, on 26 February 2014
His name is Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady, aka Eminem, and he kicked some serious hip-hop ass in Cape Town as part of his Rapture 2014 tour. Cape Town was his first stop on his first ever South African tour. I was a bit worried that the stadium might be empty as there were indications (like I mentioned in an earlier post) that tickets weren’t selling. Well done to the promoters in their last minute ticket sale drive to manage to fill the stadium to the brim. At 21:00 the lights dimmed, the stage lights lit up and chaos broke out in the 40 000+ crown. Eminem was in the house! He opened with Survival and then ripped into a huge selection of his old super hits and his new material. ‘ White America’ had me standing on my seat pumping my fist in the air, ‘Love The Way You Lie’ I had my lighter flickering, ‘ The Monster’  saw me doing some nifty dance moves and ‘ Stan’ made me think of the time Em performed the song with (Sir) Elton John. The music was INCREDIBLY loud, it was freakin’ hot in the stadium (33 degrees Celsius) and my voice was raw from screaming and singing. ‘My Name Is’ had the crowd in a frenzy and the closing song from the 8 Mile soundtrack, ‘Lose Yourself’ was a fitting end to an EPIC show. Johannesburg, hope you guys are ready for this once in a time experience! * Support acts DJ Ready D was insanely good!, Jack Parow had us all wave our hands around while swearing in Afrikaans, and Queens New York rapper Action Branson, well, he was interesting (I felt sorry for Whitney Houston when he tried to rap over her hit I Wanna Dance With Somebody…bless her soul…).