Slash reveals his favourite horror movie of all time

Guitarist Slash is not only known for killer guitar riffs, but also a founding member of Guns N' Roses, the lead guitarist of Velvet Revolver and the man behind Slash's Snakepit. He is also a fan of horror movies and expanding his creative talents into the horror genre. He has launched a film production company, aptly called Slasher Films, follow8ing in the footsteps of fellow rocker Rob Zombie who also producers horror movies. The guitarist told, "My favourite horror movie? That's always a tough one, there's a lot of great horror movies. I think The Omen - the original - is one of my favourites. One great package of horror, so we'll go with that one. It was one of the great '70s real feature horror films, that they really haven't made in a long time. Where you had not necessarily a big budget horror movie, but just the presence of a real movie in theatres." He added, "I'm a great fan of monsters in horror movies, so you have to have a great villain. That's what inspired me to go ahead and go, 'I wanna produce', because I wanted to do something that's non-existent for the most part at this point."