South African rock band Tree63 is reuniting for tour

After many years of silence, South African rock band Tree63 is reuniting on local soil for a whirlwind reunion tour. The band will be performing live at Pretoria's Atterbury Theatre on the 14, 15th April and at the 25th anniversary of the Splashy Fen Festival, 17 April, 2014. Tree63 disbanded at the end of 2007 after 10 years of international success. The band, at that stage based in Nashville TN for many years and having just completed its contract with US label InPop Records, performed together on a handful of occasions during 2008, and undertook a short tour of Canada at the end of 2009, but had essentially ceased operations. Lead singer John Ellis decided at the end of 2013, after more than five years’ silence from Tree63 following a rather inglorious disbandment, that some kind of consolidation of the band’s musical legacy should be undertaken. Despite the band's Christian identity, Tree63 remains a firm favourite in many countries of Christian and non-Christian music lovers alike. Tree63 has a rich history, and an interesting story to tell of the odd collision between art, religion, high finance, rock ‘n roll and theology. Inherent also to this band’s experience is that of taking a Western art-form from the tip of Africa all around the world and back again, and the inherent thrill of exile, international jet-setting, emigration and return. Tree63 released six albums in its relatively short career. Along the way, numerous music industry awards were given to the band: a Dove award for its 2001 US debut, various South African mainstream music industry awards and nominations, a Billboard award for the most-played song of 2004, as well as song writing and publishing awards for John Ellis. 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of one of South Africa’s most renowned music festivals, Splashy Fen. Tree63 performed at Splashy Fen on three separate occasions over the course of the years, and this anniversary year will see the band, along with other Splashy Fen alumni, on the Splashy main stage together again for the first time since 2008. To complement the band’s reunion tour, all six of the band’s albums will be re-issued in special collector’s packs.