UPDATE! Die Antwoord's Donker Mag

You either hate them or love them. I love them. South Africa's zeffest export Die Antwoord is finaly telling their fans about their new CD, Donker Mag (English: Dark Power). Ninja recently wrote to fans about the album:

NINJA and ¥O-LANDI r in HI-TEKS studio erryday workin hard on our most poweful spell yet. we’v been workin on DONKER MAG 4 about 2yrz now. we thought we wud b finisht by dis time. but we kept makin up new songz by accident. dis shit iz so good. sooooo so good. i want 2 get stoned and bump da fukn shit out of DONKER MAG worse dan any1. again. dont worry. u wont b sorry 4 long. our 1st single features 1 of my dearest friendz in da hole universe.1 cannot rush such powerful magick. thank u 4 yor patience. dont hate me x

all my love

In a Facebook update, Ninja said:
"DONKER MAG update // we just finisht recording DM album // its busy getting mastered now 2make it sound evn more xtra nice busy finishin up DM album artwork at da moment // den DM album gets set-up 4 synchronized world-wide release (which takes a second) // while dats happening we make video 4 nxt DM single // den just b4 DONKER MAG world tour starts we drop new video and DM album // an we all enter da nxt dimension"
Die Antwoord is also embarking on a Donker Mag Tour. Exicted!