He's back! Gareth Cliff's exciting new venture

I'm still moping around about potty mouthed in-your-face popular radio host Gareth Cliff leaving radio station, 5FM. I mean, the guy has been with 5FM for 10 bloody years, and in those years fans have become used (and loved, like I did) his controversial remarks. But wait my fellow Cliffie fans, the man will be back in broadcasting, but it won't be on radio or TV. It appears Gareth will make his return on WeChat. While there have recently been whispers that Cliff could be hosting a show on the instant messaging platform, his new site CliffCentral.com appears to confirm it. The site lets visitors know that they will be able to "Join Gareth Cliff - live from 1 May" and promises an "unscripted. uncensored. unradio" experience. Now boys and girls, THAT is getting me excited and be assured I'll be tuning in from 1 May.