Katy Perry show off her "gold nuggets in her insane music video...ever

Katy as Goldie The Dancer, showing off her "gold nuggets"
Katy Perry's latest music video, Birthday, is a wild ride of insane characters, and I LOVE it! The singer is seen disguising herself as different birthday party entertainers in the eight-minute visual. She told Billdboard.com that the video "the most insane one I've ever done". In the video Katy portrays five different characters in the music video, including Goldie the Dancer, Kriss the Clown and Princess Mandee. The makeup used on Perry for Goldie The Dancer, who isn't shy about showing off "her golden nuggets," is actually pretty incredible. Digital Spy reports that towards the end of the video, the singer takes off her Princess Mandee disguise to reveal her true identity to a party of young children.