REVIEW! UB40 in Cape Town

It was an idyllic setting for a concert. The green grass of Val De Vie Polo Estate just outside of Paarl on a hot Friday (4 April) evening - nestled between the majestic mountains. Seemed like people were in a picnic mood all sprawled out over the grass. That was the fun part of the show..... A high 5 for the supporting acts who tried to get the crowd excited about UB40. For me it was only legendary Mango Groove who got that right. For UB40, well, yes. Not impressed. They tried their best, but it was not enough. The vocals were softer than the sound and the 1 big screen at the back of the stage didn't help to bring the band closer to the crowd. Pity there were no screens on both sides of the stage. The 3 original members of UB40, yes they tour as UB40, just didn't gave their best. I missed the vibe and the mojo. They seemed like they were thinking 'yes, just another gig'. At least they sang my favourite song, Rat In Mi Kitchen, but it was a poor attempt. Sorry guys, you just did not made the cut this time. Better luck next time.