Who is touring South Africa next?

SUGGESTION: Could it be the Rolling Stones?
So there is a BIG announcement coming from BIG CONCERTS about a BIG stadium tour for South Africa: Big Concerts CEO Attie Van Wyk commented: ‘“In the month of May we are planning announcements for some BIG international shows and amongst these shows will be one of the biggest stadium shows to hit our shores”. Who do you think or would like to see? My list includes:
1. Rolling Stones
2. AC/DC
3. Depeche Mode
4. The Chemical Brothers
5. Prince
5. Madonna (yeah right...)
6. Daft Punk
7. Wonderland EDM festival
8. Imagine Dragons
9. Adele
10. Tiƫsto solo tour

 Who would you like to see? Send your suggestions HERE and it just might get published. Please supply your full names/surname and where you from.