Die Antwoord's new music video might make you vomit, although the song is a hot thumping track from their new CD, Donker Mag

I L-O-V-E Die Antwoord. There. I've said it. They might make people gasp with their wild antics and brutal-honest lyrics, and even their controversial videos. BUT, and it's a big but, their latest video offering, Pitbull Terrier, taken from their new CD, Donker Mag, might just let you grab for the nearest barf bag. Yes, it's typical Die Antwoord style, and it pushes the boundries of how far you can go with a music video. The last most disturbing (yet much LOVED ) music video I saw was Happiness In Slavery from Nine Inch Nails (NIN). The video was banned from MTV . I think Die Antwoord's Pitbull Terrier just went beyond NIN's antics. Pitbull Terrier sees Ninja with a terrifying prosthetic canine mask, surrounded by kinky cats as he mauls, humps and generally terrorises members of the general public before jumping out of a window, and being brought back to life by spit. Yes, spit. The song is a different direction for the band as it's more of a club vibe than anything else. Donker Mag will be released in June and some of the tracks on the CD include Happy Go Sucky Fucky, Raging Zef Boner, Girl I Want 2 Eat U and Sex.