REVIEW! Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots

loved Blur and I am a huge fan of the Gorrilaz, so I was a bit sceptical about Damon Albarn's debut solo CD, Everyday Robots. Damon of course is the frontman for Blur and the mastermind and singer for animated super group, Gorrilaz. My scepticism was blown away when I listened to his CD. Rolling Stone Magazine  explained it the best: "All of Albarn's musical obsessions are present on his revealing solo debut: dubby textures á la Gorillaz, Caribbean and African notes, looming classical instrumentation and church choruses that evoke England's past – all wrapped around a singing voice that's become deep and searching where it was once sharp and snarky. The mood on Everyday Robots is even more sparely intimate, and often quite downbeat." Everyday Robots is complex and a personal experience. It's music of the soul that speaks to your inner musical muse. Brilliant!