Foo Fighters teases new possible album cover

With the excitement building up here in South Africa for rockers Foo Fighter's first tour of South Africa in December, it now seems the band is teasing fans with possible images for their new CD cover. reported: "Could this be the cover of the new Foo Fighters album? The Foo Fighters may be playing games with their fans. On Monday, the band started posting numerous clues across different social media sites such as "1 of 8: 36.152146 / -86.797483" along with portions of pictures. Those astute in geography recognized the tweet as geographical coordinates. When fans got to the specified place, they would find pieces of a poster that could be pieced together to form the following image: The poster represents scenes from the eight different cities where the band recorded their upcoming eighth album, Austin, Chicago, Hollywood, Nashville, New Orleans, New York and Washington. In other words, all things seem to be converging at eight for the Foo Fighters. Sometime Monday, August 11 (surprising they didn't do it on the 8th), the band will make a major announcement." The band will play South Africa with the first show on 10 December in Cape Town before moving on to Johannesburg on 13 December. So, do you have your tickets yet?