Review! Kitten - Kitten

I can't remember what TV show it was, but while watching the TV show I can't remember, their played this song that was haunting, killer hooks, hypnotic beat and a vocal that cut through you. I had to rewind the show and Shazam the song. It came up as the group Kitten with the song Cut It Out (see video below) from their EP, Cut It Up. It was freakin amazing! And now, finally their self titled debut CD is out, and it scratches deep. Seriously. The indie rock band from Los Angeles delivers the goods on their debut CD. Vocalist Chloe Chaidez told about the CD, "It’s very rhythmic and sexy. If people thought our last album was “80′s”, the full length is far more 80′s. Half of it at least . The other half is kind of post rocky and ambient , due to the fact that we were very influenced by bands like Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine while making the record. If Kevin Shields made a record with Nile Rogers, I think they’re love child might sound a little something like our record."