Review! Seether - Isolate And Medicate

Shaun Morgan and the boys from Seether are back with a big bang with their sixth CD, Isolate and Medicate, begins with “See You At the Bottom”, a song that is all too familiar for their discography. Soft, grungy guitar picking, which leads into a wall of crashing cymbals accompanied with a repeated riff. The verse is slow, and the chorus is heavy, yet very catchy. In fact, Seether’s trademark sound is found throughout this album, providing mixed results. The newest release by Seether is more in line with their strengths, with better thought out compositions and more in the way of memorable riffs than their previous release. A lot of the album seems to come from the same place that "Remedy" came from, creatively. My favourite tracks from the album are probably "Suffer It All," "See You at the Bottom," and "Turn Around." With that said, it would be refreshing to maybe see a song or two stray from their Seether-set comfort zone.