The Black Rockstar reveals details on his new mixtape

I had the exclusive change to have a chat to American muso The Black Rockstar about his latest mixtape, My Brain Bleeds Bright Colors, and his love for the local zef rap super group, Die Antwoord.
The Black Rockstar
When and where were you born and what is your birth name? I was born in 1984 in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. My birth names Troy.

Tell me a bit about your childhood? I was I creative kid that loved to play with action figures for hours and explore my imagination.

Where did your interest in music start? From my grandfather Tommy, He was a blues guitar player from Mississippi. I got all my music talent from him. it's in my blood.

Who were your musical influences in your early years? Michael Jackson, Prince, Domin and 2Pac.

How would you describe your musical style? Rap, Rock & Experimental.

Where does the music name The Black Rockstar come from? I gave myself because the name because I was the only rapper in my state combining both rap and rock & roll, and my cousin HC The Chemist told me to roll with the name.

For those who don't know, what is a mixtape? A mixtape is a free album that you put out on the internet to let the world hear your music,

How many mixtapes have you released thus far? 9

Tell me a bit more about your latest one, My Brain Bleeds Bright Colors? My Brain Bleeds Bright Colors is a psycho, Dark journey into my psyche. It's a therapeutic venting session releasing a lot of my anger and stress artistically.

You talk about fighting demons, suicidal thoughts. Are you bipolar or chronic depression? (Reason why I'm asking this is I can relate to those as im bipolar). I've never been medically diagnosed but ive had demons in my life and suicidal thought's. Maybe if I seen a therapist I might be diagnosed with bipolar or depression. but I hate the thought of being placed in a medical category. I feel as human beings we all are stressed and bipolar.

What set's your music style/mixtapes apart from the music scene? I'm a retarded brain dead lyricist that doesn't care about how main stream America will accept my music. I am The Black Rockstar. I am bar none an original, 1 of a kind musical experience.

What's your biggest goal in life? To show musicians that you don't have to conform to commercial soft B.S. Music to be respected.

Where can people find your new mixtape(especially for people here in south Africa)?

Have you ever been to south Africa or know people here? I don't personally know anyone from south Africa , but I like the south African music group Die Antwoord!

If you could give a message to the youth of South Africa, what would it be? It doesn't matter where you are in the world. Africa, Aaia, or Mexico. If you create something groundbreaking and powerful the world will gravitate towards it. And The Black Rockstar's album My Brain Bleed's Bright Colors is that type of groundbreaking project!!!