HOT! Royal Blood - Royal Blood

This is volcanic hot! Brighton due Royal Blood has scored one of the fastest selling rock debut album in almost 3 years! NME reports that when the CD was released back on 25 August, it sold nearly 66 000 in the first week. "The figures make it the highest-selling rock debut since Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' self-titled release in 2011," says NME. The Guardian went on to say about the debut CD, "A lower-than-low end distillation of Queens of the Stone Age and the White Stripes, Royal Blood's sulky boogie is made by piston-like drummer Ben Thatcher and singing bassist Mike Kerr according to spartan values." This CD is slam-banging and hard-hitting. It's almost like they are channelling Led Zeppelin on some tracks, and it's awesome! says "Comprising drummer Ben Thatcher and singing bassist Mike Kerr, Royal Blood deliver slam-bang, hard-hitting rock that channels Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Queens of the Stone Age without a single guitar solo." The sums it up perfectly, "For a concept based on just bass and drums, this Brighton duo is certainly no-frills, but somehow they manage to sound like a very cool stadium-sized colossus." Brilliant!