R.I.P. Survivor's Jimi Jamison

Another sad day in the music world. Music-news reports that Jimi Jamison, lead singer of Survivor, died on Sunday night from a heart attack. He was 63. TMZ broke the news on Monday evening. Neither the official Jamison or Survivor sites or Facebook pages have posted the news. Although born in Mississippi, he and his mother moved to Memphis the day after he was born and he considered that city his home. He learned how to sing and play guitar and piano at a young age and was already in a band in middle school. Starting in the late 70's, he fronted a number of bands including Target and Cobra along with doing studio work as a background vocalist for the likes of ZZ Top and Joe Walsh. In 1984, after the breakup of Cobra, he joined Survivor who were already international stars based on their hit Eye of the Tiger. The lead singer for that hit, Dave Bickler, had suffered from vocal problems and was forced to leave the band, opening up the position for Jamison.
* The TV series Supernatural did a brilliant cover version of Eye Of The Tiger in one of the end credits of the show. See the video below.