Sharon Osbourne pissed off with U2

It seems a lot of people are not happy with U2 after the Irish rockers released their new CD for free on iTunes. Music-news reports that Sharon Osbourne called the members of the band 'middle-aged political groupies.' Ouch! The new U2 album Songs of Innocence, and the associated campaign giving it away free, have received their share of criticism as has the band for the route they have taken with their career. First there was the fact that the album was placed in 500 million people's iTunes playlist, ready to be downloaded. Rapper Tyler, the Creator publicly criticized the move, Tweeting 'Its legit like waking up with a pimple or like a herpes. I did know you were on my phone. What the f**k.' Now it is Sharon Osbourne taking to Twitter with critical words on the situation, not for the download but the precedent it is setting for the music industry. On Monday, she said: 'U2 you are business moguls not musicians anymore. No wonder you have to give your mediocre music away for free cause no one wants to buy it. Guys nothing is for free, how much you making? PS, btw you are just a bunch of middle age political groupies.. Whose political ass are we going to pull you out of today? Or are you front row at another tragic fashion show?. Jimmy Iovine, iTunes, U2, you're a bunch of megalomaniacs. FUCK YOU!' Here's how to say NO to @U2's new record that was forced upon you by @iTunes ' #NoThankU2 ' Sharon continued the rant the next day: 'This is an invasion of my private space. My entertainment space. '.Shame on you, what about up-and-coming artists who need to sell their music? #TheTalk' And again today (Wednesday): 'One more example of how fabulous Bono is. Curing world hunger one Louis Vuitton suitcase at a time'.