CD! Hozier - Hozier

Finding a ‘sure thing’ in the music industry remains as difficult a task as it has ever been. Beyond the raw talent, it is fair to say a huge slice of luck remains ever necessary. However, taking a sizeable punt on fast-rising Irish musician Hozier would appear to be of limited risk. Having already accrued a healthy home fanbase off the back of the Irish only release of the incredible single Take Me To Church in late 2013. It’s the timeless but contemporary sound of his rich, raw vocal and the bluesy, soulful songwriting that manages to sound both intimate and vast in equal measure. Sedated is a similarly important sounding statement of intent. It strides with purpose, all darkly emotive vocals, piano flourishes and the suggestion of a big band that swells and soars. You’d be hard-pushed to compare him with anybody but the greats of yesteryear.