'Endless River' to be the LAST Pink Floyd album, ever!

No! Please say it isn't so. Damn. It seems that Pink Floyd are hanging up their guitars after the release of their new CD, Endless River. Digital Spy reports that "David Gilmour told BBC 6 Music that The Endless River will be "the last thing" fans will hear from the band. The guitarist hinted that the death of keyboard player Rick Wright was part of their decision not to make any further records. "Well, Rick is gone. This is the last thing that'll be out from us," he said. "I'm pretty certain there will not be any follow-up to this." He also said that the new album is sort of a tribute to Rick. "He has been underestimated by the public, by the media and by us at times I hate to say. I didn't necessarily always give him his proper due," he explained. "People have very different attitudes to the way they work and we can become very judgemental and think someone is not quite pulling his weight enough, without realising that theirs is a different weight to pull."
* In other Pink Floyd news, music-news.com revealed that Stephen Hawking the 72-year old master physicist has a part on the new Pink Floyd album 'The Endless Road'. Stephen is sampled on the track 'Talkin' Hawkin'. The song features a sample from a 1994 British Telecom commercial featuring Hawking. A different part of Hawking's speech was used by Floyd on 'Keep Talking' from the 1994 album 'The Division Bell' but they insist the new song is not a continuation.