HOT LOCAL NEWS! Beatenberg hold onto #1 spot for HALF A YEAR

After their collaboration with DJ Clock, Pluto (Remember You), broke the record for most weeks at #1 on radio, with 19 weeks on the top spot, Beatenberg have come back strong with their follow up smash, Rafael. Yesterday Rafael spent its 7th week as the most played song on South African radio, bringing the combined weeks at the top spot for both songs to 26 weeks in 2014. Indisputably the band who have dominated the South African music landscape in 2014, Beatenberg are redefining and distilling a contemporary “South African Sound”. Drawing from a vast heritage of African artists and sounds and blending that with their unique pop sensibility, Beatenberg are at once locally rooted and global in their appeal, having captivated and enthralled audiences across every platform in South Africa. Beatenberg have received critical acclaim for their album, The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg, released in August 2014 through Universal Music. Self-produced by the band, the album is proudly pop, meticulously crafted and sublime in the idiosyncratic sounds and textures created by the band. DJ Clock and Beatenberg have together been nominated for 5 awards for Pluto (Remember You) in 2014: 4 Channel O Music Awards (Nov ’14) and 1 MTV Africa Music Award (June ’14). With a remix by rising European EDM duo FlicFlac set for release internationally over October 2014, Pluto is set to introduce the new South African Sound onto airwaves and into clubs around the world.