IDOLS SA: Cheers Musa Mashiane will be missed

I was shocked to learn that eMalahleni’s Musa Mashiane was voted off by viewers in Idols SA! Seriously viewers? What's wrong with you?! This guy is talented. Extremely talented. The Beat got in touch with Musa to talk to him about everything Idols SA.

What did you make of the surprise vote of the viewers? I was disappointed that my votes were not enough to get me to the top 5, my wish was to win but it didn’t happen that way, I thank everyone who voted for me, please keep supporting me, you are definitely going to see more of me in the industry. I love you.

Why did you chose Jamiroquai’s Love Foolosophy for your song to perform? I chose it because it was the most relevant song; it is funk music and has a lot of live musical element to it.

Where there any obstacles you had to overcome to take part in Idols? I guess the fact that I was signed by a major record label before joining Idols meant I had to swallow my pride as it became a brand new beginning from where I was initially.

How a big role did your religion play in your journey on Idols SA? My faith in God knowing he is there and in control has given me peace through the  Idols journey, I’m at peace because of God and I know he won’t let me be in troubles forever.

Looking back on your journey in Idols, what has been your most memorable moments?  My most memorable moment was my first audition when I got the golden ticket as I knew it would take me far, to date that was my best audition as I truly felt I sang my best

For people who are not familiar with Musa Mashiane, how would you describe your musical sound? My musical sound is basically African music / world music, I’ve fused jazz and soul together to give it my own signature and of cause singing in my home language (Zulu).

What advice could you give to the remaining Top 5? My advice is to stay true to who they are, work harder and focus more as the competition is hard and the tension is building up every day

What does the future now hold for Musa Mashiane? I’m hoping for the best and I’m going back to my old routine of writing music, perfecting my sound and hoping to get a record deal.