Meghan Trainor conquering the world one beat at a time

She's hot and she's conquering the music world faster than a flying bullet. I saw Meghan Trainor's performance at the iHeartRadio Festival and she blew me away. That killer song 'All About That Bass" and the dancing. WOW! The song got 19 million+ YOUTUBE views and the song raced up the charts. The question that beckons to be answered, is the song a novelty record? "I mean, I think it’s just a good song. It’s reacting like fire. It’s spreading faster and faster. I mean I knew a lot of girls would like it, but I didn’t realise the WORLD would be calling me within five weeks. There’s certainly some spark about it," the Nantucket, Massachusetts born singer told It seems that there is no stopping her as she is already planning to release a follow-up song, 'Dear Future Husband'. "It’s my lil’ list of things he should probably be aware of if he wants to marry me." She adds, "I’ve got an EP that’s coming out, and on it I have a song called ‘Title’. It’s basically about ‘call me your girlfriend, I’m sick of being your boo thing, so call me your girlfriend and give me that title’. So I’ve called the EP ‘Title’. Cos obviously everyone was going, ‘what’s the title’, and I was like, ‘hey, I’m clever, I’m gonna make it this’." About a future album, she told, "It’ll have that feel, and a few different ones. You’ll hear my Caribbean influence, and then my rap and Fugees kind of feel. It’s different."