NEW! Marilyn Manson - Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

Years ago I was a big Manson fan. Bought every CD, dressed like him and wanted to be like him. Unfortunately I got bored with his music. It just didn't work for me. I lost touch with his music and continued on my own little patch of musical self-discovery. Oh how do I regret it now. After listening to Marilyn's latest song, Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge, I miss the screaming, the shrouded dark lyrics folded in a hypnotic beat and guitar riff. "The song is a laid back rock song that is full of pain and reflection, with Manson’s gravelly voice cutting through the noise," says Brilliant! Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge is the first song from his as yet untitled new CD, which should be out end of this year, early next year.