will.i.am and Jimmy Fallon doing it for the kids

This is just hilarious. Actually, freaking funny is an understatement. Billboard.com says on their web page: "talk-show host Jimmy Fallon has teamed-up with uber-producer will.i.am for "Ew!", a hilarious parody on today’s selfie-obsessed youth. It’s all for a good cause, which is just as well because the pair perform in the clip as their teenage girl alter-egos, Sara and mir.i.am, who rhyme and complain about all those gross-out things that make them go “ew”. Braces never looked so awkward. Look out for Questlove, who makes a cameo in a familiar role behind the decks. “Ew!” is available to download from iTunes and proceeds from the sale of the song will go to the SeriousFun Children’s Network  and i.am.angel Foundation."