IDOLS SA: A gracious bow-out from “London” Louw

South African viewers are very finicky. As soon as you think you understand fans of Idols SA, they prove you are so wrong. Now in it's 10th season, Idols SA, it seems that all my favourites are bowing ow. Such a shame. One of the favourites was “London” Louw. Man that guy can sing. The Beat had a chat with him after he was voted of Idols SA.

What has been you biggest obstacle in the road to Idols? The biggest obstacle in this competition has definitely been trying to get out of the bottom three. That is the one thing I never achieved on the show.

You've auditioned every year since 2008 but never made it past the first Auditions. With that in mind, how did you approach your audition for Idols SA this year? I honestly thought it would be another year where I wouldn't make it to the judges. So I just decided to be myself. I'm glad it worked.

With you out of Idols, what does the future hold for London? I honestly do not know. I've realized that I know almost nothing about the music industry, so the first step for me is to get as much advice as I possibly can.

You've also lost weight over the years - especially when you were on So You Think You Can Dance. What spurred you to lose weight? I was tired of my weight overshadowing my talent. So I decided to do something about it.

What's your favourite dance style? Definitely Latin American, to me it's the most exciting.

For people who don't know - how would you describe your music style? I don't have a definitive style. I just bring an element of drama and theatricality to my work. That is what defines me. But my favourite genre is definately Jazz with and Urban influence. Like when I performed Mercy by Duffy.

Who in your family is musically inclined? Everyone really, from both sides. Everyone plays some sort of instrument and sings.

Who were your pillar of support throughout the journey on Idols? My family and Friends. They were ALL there for me every single day.

Who are you music Idols? Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Bjork, Nicky Minaj and RuPaul

What is your favourite song to sing in the shower? Surprisingly that's the one place I never sing.

What is your message to the remaining Idols contestants? Keep on killing it.