Die Heuwels Fantasties ends 2014 with new album, Ja.Nee.Lekker.

South Africa's super group Die Heuwels Fantasties is ending 2014 with a band, a new album Ja.Nee.Lekker.They bid farewell to this year by releasing a vinyl, Deuntjies vir die Draaitafel, and by launching a brand-new album, Ja.Nee.Lekker.Deuntjies vir die Draaitafel, is a collectors-item vinyl filled with the group’s most popular hits.  It is available at Musica stores and at their shows. Asked about their decision to release this vinyl, Pierre Greeff told Netwerk24 : “You commit yourself fully to an album when you listen to it on a turntable.  It requires your full attention; not like a CD or digital download where you can easily skip tracks.  Records aren’t driven by singles.  It suits us, because we make our music to stand as a cohesive unit.” Die Heuwels Fantasties’ rendition of Pieter van der Lügt’s legendary song, Voëlvry, is on the vinyl and also on their new album, Ja.Nee.Lekker. Says Hunter Kennedy, “Ja.Nee.Lekker. is an album with several layers.  All the lyrics are personal, but universally applicable.  The central theme is ‘People and their Boundaries’ which encompasses physical, imaginary and personal boundaries.” The album was born in the stillness and beauty of the Lowveld when the guys went to escape cell phone signals and city bustle in die Lydenburg area. The album also has a bit of America in it from when they visited there to shoot a music video.  Pierre told Netwerk24 : “We met an interesting old man at an art exhibition.  He passes time by carving Native American flutes.  He played a piece of music and we recorded with an iPhone. We asked him if we may use it and, back at home, we found that this piece of music was in perfect harmony with one of our songs, Kom Haal My.  And that’s how an American flute player made it onto Ja.Nee.Lekker.!” BONUS! A gift for your Christmas stocking... Die Heuwels Fantasties are giving the tracks from their Live op Paul Cluver DVD away for free. Click HERE to get it.