REVIEW! Depeche Mode Live in Berlin - CD/DVD

It's hard for me to confess, but the latest live CD & DVD from Depeche Mode leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. I feel crushed to admit that it seems that Depeche Mode, one of the greatest 80s bands (at least for me...) is losing their touch. I was mediocre about the CD Delta Machine. It honestly took me a couple of months to get into it. There are still certain songs that I skip when listening. Sacrilege! I was hoping that with the live CD & DVD, they would rejuvenate my interest. Wrong. It's hard for me to distance myself from the once electro alternative band to the new modern pop electro band. I feel sold out. The songs are ok, but the new sound live versions of their songs is boring, to say the least. They now have a full band playing with them and I find it harder and harder to enjoy the new sound compared to the electro drum bits from 'Never Let Me Down Again'. On 'I Feel You' it seems the band goes electro metal, quite funny. The biggest surprise on this release is the inclusion of 'But Not Tonight'! Who would have ever thought the band will actually sing this song live?! I was excited to see it on the playlist, however, the stripped down acoustic version here is just uncool. I miss the old song with its catchy beat. This is a 100% for the fans only release and I doubt it will increase the global Mode army. PS: The imagery from Anton Corbijn is impeccable, as always.