Willow Smith's "Interdimensional Tesseract" EP

Willow Smith is all grown up. No any catchy Whip My Hair to find on "Interdimensional Tesseract" EP. Instead, it's something more spiritual. But what does the title of the EP means? I have NO idea, but here is what Willow says, “Healing human light bodies with vibrational melody within the chaos of society. – Just for ambient vibes – Oe Ngati Kameie to our fellow Indigos. Virä atan nd tam tam". The songs are interesting to say the least. Track 1 and 2 are like a Buddhist on a LSD trip. It's actually good and nice to hear Willow break away from the conformity of what defines pop music. She sounds like a young Rihanna on some of the tracks. Track 3, See U Dance is a funky tune that is sure to have your head bopping and your foot tapping. So, congrats Willow, you sure know how surprise us so early in 2015!