Use #MTVbump to get on MTV

Everyone’s doing it – Shawn Mendes, Grumpy Cat, Rixton, Tori Kelly, Martin Garrix, The Brothers Green and more have started using #MTVbump and their awesome videos are already on air. “Being on MTV is going to be awful. I can’t wait.” – said Grumpy Cat. “We love the internet, we love TV, we love #MTVbump. Bump it up!” – said the Brothers Green. Videos can be up to 15 seconds long and should be as creative, weird and wonderful as you like. Think party tricks, cat videos, your breakfast, parkour, playing the trombone – whatever you’re feeling. Visit to view videos that have already been shared around the world, and to check out a full list of the dos and don’ts for getting your work on MTV. Oh, and another thing – your social media handle will be shown with your video, so you’ll probably get some new fans along the way, too.