Ed Sheeran popping champers with Jamie Lawson

Jamie Lawson is about to drop his debut single 'Wasn't Expecting That', a song that connects with listeners deeply! You don't get a bigger endorsement than Ed Sheeran popping champers in celebration of Jamie being signed to his record label 'Gingerbread Man Records', this is what Ed had to say - “I first became aware of Jamie Lawson a few years ago, after hearing his track “Wasn’t Expecting That”. I very rarely get emotional over a track, but that song stopped me dead. He manages to put across such raw emotion within his work, and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with this guy in some way. Having decided to start my own label ‘Gingerbread Man Records’ with my label Atlantic Records, the first artist I had to sign was Jamie. Starting Gingerbread Man Records means I can put music I love out there on a huge platform, and Jamie seemed like the perfect choice for my first release”