VAN COKE KARTEL Releases their cover EP - ENERGIE

VAN COKE KARTEL’s cover EP, ENERGIE, is out NOW on iTunes exclusively.  Pre-orders of the 12” vinyl is also open at as of now.  A free digital download of the entire EP is available upon purchase of the vinyl. The members of VAN COKE KARTEL spent most of 2015 on other projects. Francois and Jedd Kossew launched the FRANCOIS VAN COKE debut solo album.  Wynand Myburgh kept busy managing Jack Parow and Fokofpolisiekar’s affairs, while Dylan Hunt joined the band Southern Wild. The band wanted to do something together again and they wanted to do something different. They decided to record a cover EP by some of the greats, those who have influenced them along the way.  According to Jedd Kossew, it was important for them to stay true to themselves, their style of music, but also to stay true to the songs they decided to cover.Van Coke Kartel was eager to put their own spin on this pop song and they think it is now “Spaghetti Western-sounding”. But… “How do you choose 5 songs?” “It’s much easier for us to release good songs when they are already good songs” says Francois van Coke.


“Re-introducing an old song to a new audience.” Dylan Hunt
Covering this song is quite personal for Van Coke Kartel. Francois says that Johannes Kerkorrel and Koos Kombuis was the only Afrikaans music they listened to growing up and the only thing they felt they associated with. Wynand used to do sound for Kerkorrel at some of this shows back in the day.

“The Beatles are my favourite band of all time.” Jedd Kossew 
Francois and Jedd have been jamming this song in their solo acoustic set for some time now.  Help! is the first single from ENERGIE.  A fun fact is that Jedd sings a chorus for the first time in a Van Coke Kartel song.

I got you (I feel good)
“Who doesn’t want to sing ‘I feel good’?”  Francois Van Coke
Wynand says that they wanted to do a song which is fun, they can jam and people would know.

Got to give it up
“It’s something I want to share with people.  It’s one of my favourite songs.” Francois Van Coke
Francois also says that he loves everything about this song.  “Every note that’s played on it.  I love the original version.”