Slow Jack debut single ‘Love to Dream’ available for free download and live studio video released

New Cape Town band Slow Jack has caught the attention of music lovers and media at the annual Up the Creek Music Festival near Swellendam in January. It was their second gig as a band and they filled a main stage slot on the Saturday of the festival with fresh, catchy tunes and exuberant charm. Their debut single ‘Love to Dream’ was released to national radio in January and is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD here: (until 20 March.)

The band also filmed and recorded a live version of 'Love To Dream’. Watch it here:

The members of Slow Jack are: Hannes Muller (vocals and guitar), Jayme van Tonder (vocals and violin), Jeandre Schultz (lead guitar), Andre van der Merwe (bass) and Adrian Fowler (Drums.)

‘Love to Dream’ is a story that people can relate to and was stringed out by Hannes and Jayme early one Saturday morning in Sea Point. Each band member then contributed something notable to the final architecture and unique sound of the song during rehearsals.

Muller comments on the making of the single: “Writing is emotional for us. The experience sets the mood; the lyrics tell the story and what follows sets the scene. Although the initial songwriting may take only a few minutes, it is the refinement that take hours or even days. All in all hard work, but we have a lot of fun while doing it.”

The idea of a live studio video was born soon after the song was recorded. Muller adds: “Whilst people do dream in colour, we decided to shoot the video in ‘black and white’ as we felt it would reflect the mood of the song so much better.”

Watch ‘Love to Dream’ live studio video here: