HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Ashlinn Gray New Single – Chex Ballet

Talented singers are plentiful. Thought provoking songwriters are rare. Fortunately for Ashlinn Gray, she is both.

Not only is she a passionate artist, but one that never gives up, risking it all to make her dreams come true. Her vocal prowess together with her deep seated lyrics, give you the listener something to think about. Chex Ballet will certainly leave you with more questions than answers, leaving room for interpretation. Ashlinn Gray has a distinct ability to communicate emotion through her songs, achieving a sound that’s both heartfelt and easy to listen to.

She is steadily making her way into the hearts of music fans across the globe. From up-tempo folk tunes to distinguished power ballads, along with her fun loving attitude and quirky idiosyncrasies, Ashlinn is able to really connect with her audience. Through fulfilling her purpose of being a leader through her music, she hopes to inspire and influence the younger generation of today.

Her new single Chex Ballet follows hits makers Battleships and Risking It All. This time she teamed up with producer Marius Brouwer, lending towards a more pop inspired tune, but easily distinguishable by her vocal aptitude.

She says, "Too often people treat others like disposable objects that don’t have worth, meanwhile everyone is worthy of love. It’s warning to be aware that it’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Hearts are breakable. Chex is check mate in chess, these games always end in check mate and it’s hidden by the movement of ballet. I think ballet is deceptively easy, just like the games. Therefore, everyone must escape the Chex Ballet before it is too late.”