Albert Frost & Loki Rothman Present an unforgettable series of concerts: 'The Acoustic Guitar'

Albert Frost is renowned as a remarkable guitarist, most notably in the South African blues-rock music scene.  Loki Rothman is a young guitar virtuoso that has released a 2016 SAMA nominated pop album and can make his guitar sound like it’s a whole band.  Both of these performers are riveting to watch live. Albert Frost and Loki Rothman have joined forces to present their show, The Acoustic Guitar.  They are bringing four of these shows to three different stages around Cape Town this month, starting with Die Boer on the 18th and 19th, Café Roux on the 25th and an encore at Aces ‘n Spades on 26 May. They will be showcasing different styles from blues, rock, gypsy jazz, classical and contemporary music.  Frost and Rothman have very different approaches to the acoustic guitar, but these two styles complement each other brilliantly. Combining Frost's loops, blues playing and incredible voice with Loki's acoustic percussive one man band style is something special that promises to be unforgettable. “Albert’s and my style of playing guitar is so different, but we are bringing these styles together on one stage to bring you something unique. We are going to do our best to blow you away,” says Loki.