FOKOFPOLISIEKAR: Another 10 Year Celebration is in order

It is ten years since FOKOFPOLISIEKAR released Swanesang, their last full length album up to date, and true to form they have plans to celebrate this.

2006 was the year that FOKOFPOLISIEKAR released the Brand Suid-Afrika EP, was caught amid a ravaging media storm, recorded Swanesang at B Sharp Studios in Boksburg.  Their drummer, Jaco Snakehead Venter jumped out of the band’s tour van and broke his arm.  Justin Kruger had to temporarily replace him.  It was 100% rock 'n roll chaos. Die Bende released Swanesang, and felt driven to the point where they had to call a hiatus or call it quits.

The culturally and historically significant imprint they were making was the furthest thing from their minds as they were individually trying to figure out their way forward. "2003 – 2006 was a crazy roller-coaster ride. None of us were ready for how intense the ride was going to be. The touring and endless parties started taking its toll. We had to make a decision. Now, 10 years later, I can confess that we made the right one. The 8 months break we took in 2007 was the best move we as a band could have made,’’ says Wynand Myburgh, manager and bassist of Fokofpolisiekar.

It is ten years later and the Fokofpolisiekar influence has spread to the inception of popular and award winning bands, aKING, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Van Coke Kartel and Francois van Coke’s successful solo career.  The band continues to be celebrated in books, documentaries, movies and more. Most importantly they remain intimately connected. Not just as a band, but also in business: Wynand Myburgh manages Francois van Coke’s solo career.  Hunter Kennedy is part label owner at Supra Familias which released Francois’ debut solo album.  Johnny de Ridder is regularly involved with producing songs for the Die Heuwels Fantasties and Francois Van Coke.  Jaco Snakehead Venter has established himself as a band photographer and is the Fokof Lager brand manager.

The spirit of Fokof thrives as they continue to deliver the best live experience and reinforce their legacy by releasing crowd pleasers such as Fokof Lager on tap and vinyl editions of their musical releases. 2016 sees the official release of the Swanesang vinyl in July, a banging tour, fun competitions, and hopefully solving the mystery of how Johnny de Ridder doesn’t appear to age.