14 questions with South Africa's (whistling) rock star Gavin Edwards

“Little bit of Matthew Mole with some One Republic and Ben Haenow mixed in there” – Gavin Edwards on his forthcoming CD
Gavin Edwards (Credit Canton Parker)
I recently saw a video of The Voice SA runner-up Gavin Edwards singing Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time with former Westlife singer Brian McFadden. It was recorded way back in the day. I saw then what South African people only came to realise with The Voice SA this year - Gavin was a born star! If thus no surprise to me when it was announced that Universal Music South Africa gave him a record deal, about time! So I got in touch with Gavin to talk to him about his passion, those tattoos and I found out he is also quite a hit with elderly ladies!

1. Congratulations on being signed by Universal Music! Did you sort of expected this and were you also looking for a record deal after The Voice SA? Thank you first off what an awesome day it was when Universal said they wanted to sign me and that they had their eye on me since my Blind audition , I knew that Universal was watching everyone on the Voice and keeping a eye out for who they wanted to sign but you just never know and you keep hoping and praying that they see something in you that they love. Man what a great feeling knowing that they saw something that made them want to sign me and make me a part of their family .. every artist /singer/muso dreams of that day. What a day ..

2. So how has life been treating you after The Voice SA? Life after the Voice SA has been amazing , apart from the Universal Deal , myself and my wife Bianca are 2 and a half months away from our baby boy’s birth and we moved into a lovely home right on the water at Harteebeespoort! To top it off, I got a call to be a part of gospel Skouspel which is a massive blessing to be a part of. . Plus I recorded and released my first single "Sparks " which got to No1 on iTunes the first day of release which blew us all away!! Denholm Harding from Just Jinger produced it and he has been a long-time friend of mine so it was awesome to get into studio with him. We have teamed up with Jason Oosthuizen formerly of Van Coke Kartel and Jack Parow, and we are busy putting together a nationwide tour, so loads of gigs coming up. What a year, to say the least!

3. Your first thought the morning after the finale? Excitement. . Could not believe it was over as the show became the centre of our lives, but immediately I was excited for the future.. and to get home to my wife, as was missing her madly by the end.

4. You have a quite a story thus far - from rock star to super star. Looking back on your career, what would you say were you biggest mistakes and what advice can you give to youngsters who dream of becoming a rock star? My biggest mistake which is one of many was that I used to self-sabotage without knowing it, and of course drink enabled that very well. If I can offer a little advice I would say that if you want to be among the biggest stars in the world or country understand that they are 100% dedicated to being professional and at a level that looks like perfection. They work harder than they play, so in short spend more on perfecting your craft/voice/talent and before you know it you will be standing on stage among all the big names and you will be ready to perform at that level... preparation is everything. Practice practice practice.

5. When will your CD be out and have your any idea as yet as to the direction of the music and maybe duets/collabs, like Bobby, on the CD? The album will be out mid to late September and the direction will be like the first single Sparks. . Little bit of Matthew Mole with some One Republic and Ben Haenow mixed in there and collaboration wise ... we’ve got some ideas but still in talks. Bobby and I did speak about singing a song together so you never know!! lol

6. What is the 1 thing people don't know about you? I love DIY and I used to work with my dad when I was young with his building company, so I learnt a lot there. I'm actually pretty good! I’m busy painting our new home and fixing everything up…

7. The last time you cried was... Ha ha, watching TV, it was the judges’ house rounds on X-Factor

8. The first CD you ever bought.... Guns & Roses Use your Illusion 1 and 2

9. Your most embarrassing moment was.... Played a gig once in my boxers lol!

10. Can you tell us about funny fan encounter? An elderly woman asked for a photo and she had clearly been enjoying her wine that day - maybe a little too much! While her friend was struggling with the phone to get the camera on, which felt like forever, she kept kissing my cheek every 5 seconds until the photo was done. It was hilarious and actually very sweet. 

11. I like tattoos and I see so do you, so I was wondering how many do you have, and any meaning behind them? I think I have 8 - some are blending together into a sleeve. But I’ve got the flames on my right arm which was the sinner and on the left I’ve got Faith and Ask, believe and you shall receive, as well as one of my sons names, Jaydon, which is on my “saint” arm.. So it’s the sinner & the Saint - gonna try keep adding to the Saint arm, of course!!

12. Who is your celeb crush? Sia , but that crush is more on her vocals and songwriting , one day hopefully I'll get to see her face…

13. One of my female readers wanted to know if you are single? I am a taken man, and have been happily married now for 3 years to my beautiful wife Bianca Edwards (Bella).

14. What song do you like to sing in the shower? I tend to whistle these days , it's an irritating habit for those who have to hear me!

FACT: Gavin released a single in 2011 through Village Roadshow in Australia which was featured on Dancing With The Stars and got to No 88 on the Australian iTunes Chart.
(fact sourced from http://gmanagement.co.za/portfolio-item/gavin-edwards/)