Newcomer Irinami astounds with perfectly poised debut music video

A fresh new face on the Cape Town music scene, self-taught songwriter and producer Irinami just launched the music video to her debut single, 'Hold Tight', which dropped in March and is already enjoying airtime on national radio station 5FM.

Future dance floor classics
Irinami’s singular sound is a combination of raw, ethereal beats and evocative storytelling that results in what is set to become future dance floor classics. Born Irina Buzdugan in Bucharest, Romania, this enigmatic artist was raised in Durban, South Africa, and draws inspiration from genres as divergent as 90s hip hop, RnB and jazz, and artists like Etta James, Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse.

A long & winding road
Irinami has always been a musician at heart and started producing her own music at the tender age of 16. She first took to the stage as the frontwoman for 'Asleep in Transit', a band she started during her tenure as law student at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, which experimented with Indie-Pop and gained a great deal of traction at both local and national festivals. Two years down the line, the time had come for Irinami to spread her wings and she moved to Cape Town to pursue a solo career and carve out a niche for her inimitable sound.

Bright innocence that fuels the dream
Says Irinami: "When I wrote 'Hold Tight' I had just turned 21 and was under the impression that I had everything figured out. Little did I know that I had a lot left to learn and endure on the road to becoming the person I am today; that I would change degrees, move cities, fall in and out of love, get lost, get found and go through both hell and bliss along the way. For me this track represents that initial bright, innocent confidence that may be rooted in naivety to a certain extent, but ultimately becomes the fuel that propels us towards our dreams."

‘Hold Tight’ was directed by the highly acclaimed Kyle Lewis and filmed by Karl Schmidt from Greenhaus Films. The video was created on a tight budget and the result of many hours of tireless work from a passionate team whose members are each at the top of their particular game.
* Watch this highly anticipated debut music video here.