Say hello to Bonfire Buffalo

Like a bull in a china store, this rock band is here to break the preconceived ideas of what South African rock music should sound like.

Bonfire Buffalo hail from Pretoria, this three piece, female fronted rock band consists of Ivy Ann van Rooyen on vocals, Ewoud van Rooyen on guitar and Carl Dedekind on bass. Drawing influence from artists diverse and universal including Zebra & Giraffe, Mango Groove, Nirvana, QOTSA, Radiohead and more, the band come together to create their experimental blend of pop, melodic rock.

Presenting the band’s debut single - Back in School - is an explosive ‘“hello we’re here” from the band. With guest drummer, Mike Wright (previously from Zebra & Giraffe), the single is a catchy pop, rock track with a strong 80’s dance hook, that immediately gets your feet tapping and transports you back to your childhood and lets you relieve the first tugs and rush of excitement that was falling in love.
Formed in 2016, the band will release their debut EP on October 21, feature 6 tracks of the best pop rock ever heard in South Africa. Recorded at Openroom Productions and produced by Greg Carlin (Zebra & Giraffe).