CD REVIEW! Prince4Ever

I'm still sad about one of my favourite artists Prince which died earlier this year. since my childhood when I watched Purple Rain, dancing to all his hits and buying everything Prince related. And I did it again with his post death CD, Prince4ever. A double disc CD which is a collection of most of well-known hits. The CD even includes Moonbeam Levels” - a previously unreleased song originally recorded in 1982 during the "1999" sessions and later considered for the never released "Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic" album. The hits I miss is from his CD The Gold Experience The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, I Hate U and Gold. Some of my favourite tracks on this CD were 319 and Endorphinmachine. With that said, this is a great compilation if you want to hear the legend at work. I will always miss you Prince! Prince4Ever!