Jeri Silverman has “Come Undone” to explore desire in a new way with her latest single

Jeri Silverman (Credit: Gavin Goodman)
Jeri Silverman reveals her latest single “Come Undone” which is out across all digital platforms today. “Come Undone” celebrates a rekindling of the imagination. It explores the shadowy sides of our personality that we hide from the world and invites them out to play.

“Come Undone” wakes the imagination with jolts of electric, yet earthly current. The single’s snappy, danceable tempo also lingers in sensual darkness. A magnetic mixture of sounds creep and lure behind each corner before metamorphosing into bursts of sonic rhapsody. “Come Undone” explores the uninhabited concaves of the mind and gently pulls them forward to be expressed in the smoothness of a new rhythm of acceptance.

Based in New York for a few years and returning home to Cape Town, Silverman had to regroup and reflect on being back in SA. She says, “I went on a retreat and was finally beginning to ground my energy after the frenetic lifestyle of NYC. I found parts of myself that I had not seen in years and discovered a new tempo within me. I reflected on an unhealthy relationship, and realized that I needed to give my emotions a space to flourish and breathe.”

Between each passionate chorus, the single slows down to a more discrete, mellow stream, expressing the shifts of internal exploration Silverman encountered upon her return home. The dichotomy of holding emotions and desires deep inside, yet not feeling supported to express them is directly mirrored in the musical composition of “Come Undone”, as each sporadic element lingers in the twilight before finding their chance to burst free.