Monday, 31 March 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Gareth Cliff leaves 5FM

5FM is sad to announce that, after ten years on air, Gareth Cliff will be leaving the station at the end of March 2014.  Gareth Cliff and 5FM are parting ways after an exceptional journey as Gareth will be pursuing further opportunities in his personal capacity. explains5FM’s programming manager Tim Zunckel; “5FM is enormously appreciative of Gareth’s incredible work ethic, his dedication to his listeners and support of the 5FM brand. The station thanks Gareth for his exceptional ten years of on-air presence as well as being an ambassador for the station, we wish him the very best in future.” Gareth Cliff commented, “I’ve had an amazing decade at 5FM together with my “one-of-kind”  team  and I have loved every minute. The journey has been an unforgettable one but I’m excited about the future”.  Adds 5FM’s Zunckel, “It has been a pleasure working with Gareth. He has been a huge asset to the 5FM team and we will miss him as an on-air personality and part of the brand. We’re excited about the new line-up and will be announcing as to what listeners can expect in the near future”

Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Parlotones to give a free concert on a Virgin Atlantic flight on Sunday 30 March

The Parlotones
This is just AM-AZING! Multiplatinum, award winning South African rock band The Parlotones will launch their new album 'Stand Like Giants' with the world's first 'on board' performance on Virgin Atlantic flight VS602 from Johannesburg to London on Sunday 30 March. Virgin Atlantic passengers will be the first to experience a concert on board an airplane and will also be able to make song requests and be serenaded in their seats as the band work their way through the cabins meeting fans. Virgin Atlantic President Sir Richard Branson said: 'Music is in the Virgin DNA, so we're really excited that a hugely successful band like The Parlotones will launch their album live on board a Virgin Atlantic flight. Throughout this airline's history we have looked for innovative and entertaining ways to give our passengers the very best flying experience, and an acoustic concert at 37,000 feet is definitely true to that pioneering spirit.' Described variously as 'South Africa's answer to Coldplay' by The Independent; 'SA's answer to Radiohead' by The Guardian, in truth they offer 'Impassioned, stadium-ready indie-rock of a superior kind' [The Mail on Sunday]. The Parlotones are known for their incredible concerts and awesome music!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Brian McFadden praises his former Westlife bandmate Kian Egan on debut CD

Singer Brian McFadden, who left Westlife in 2004, has praised his former bandmate Kian Egan on his CD, Home. He told Digital Spy that he was "delighted" with the success of his friend's debut solo album, Home. He said: "I think it's great - I think he's done a great job. I'm delighted for him - a top ten album!" According to sources, Home has a rockier feel than the normal Westlife music, and that is something Brian understands. "I remember when we started out in Westlife he was always listening to Pearl Jam, Metallica, Audioslave and stuff like that," he explained. "I think he's a rock fan, so now that he's taken his Westlife suit off he's letting his hair down!" 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

REVIEW! George Michael - Symphonica

Could George "I Want Your Sex" Michael be the new Frank Sinatra? I truly think so after listening to his CD, Symphonica. It's his first release in years and he sounds super fine. The CD was recorded during his 2011 - 2012 Symphonica tour in Europe and it's a step away from his pop tunes, and see him embracing jazz and some swing. He ventures into the field of late Frank Sinatra with his big band and orchestral sound. Yes, Michael performed with a full orchestra! I truly think he gives Robbie Williams a run for his money with the swing tunes as it much more of a natural grace. On the CD he pays homage to Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye and other giants. What made me almost spill my coffee was the excellent cover of Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Let Her Down Easy” - absolutely brilliant.

Vera Lynn announces new album on 97th birthday

Now this is special! World War II sweetheart, (Dame) Vera Lynn is releasing a new CD! And this on her 97th birthday! WOW! This is balls!The new album will be released on 2 June to mark the 70th anniversary of the World War II D-Day Landings (6 June) and will feature not only her most memorable and morale-boosting hits that sustained Britons through the wartime years, but some previously unreleased tracks, recently discovered by her daughter Virginia. Dame Vera commented "I think it's wonderful that my songs are still enjoyed, especially if it encourages people to commemorate what happened seventy years ago. It's moving for me to relive those days, and humbling to know that people still think of me ' after all, it was simply my duty to keep singing".

FREE! Goldfish song Moonwalk Away

For the first time in South Africa, iTunes Music will be giving away free music content. iTunes have partnered with South Africa’s most successful electronic music duo, Goldfish, to launch their free content offering. Fans will be able to acquire a redeemable code from Goldfish’s website which can then be redeemed on the iTunes store to receive a free track download of Goldfish’s “Moonwalk Away”. The track is taken from Goldfish’s 2013 release Three Second Memory. The band says about the track, "Moonwalk Away was part of our journey back to the roots of Goldfish, chilled African infused beats." Click here for the “Moonwalk Away” Free Download: http://goldfishlive.com/blog/moonwalk-away-track-giveaway

Monday, 17 March 2014

Van Coke Kartel to be turned into old "omies"

Local rockcers Van Coke Kartel will be turned into old "omies" (elderly men) for their latest music video, Klein Wêreld (As SA jou Wêreld is). The song is from their latest album Bloed, Sweet & Trane. The video will be shot on Wednesday 2 April. The lads will completely transform themselves as they did when they dressed up as tannies from the 80’s in the Dis ‘n Land video.  This time Chasing Migada Productions in Association with Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetics will turn Van Coke Kartel into elderly men. The goal, says director Quinton Lavery, "Is that we want to put the band in an old age home, amongst real elderly people and for people not to know who they are.” Cosmesis, a make-up and prosthetics effects studio who has worked on high profile projects such as Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, The Girl and Four Corners, has begun the transformation process using cutting edge make-up and special effects. The band went for full head casts and moulding on the 8th of March.  That alone took 2 hours per band member.  “The moulding was extremely scary”, says Wynand Myburgh.  “You sit for 50 minutes while you can’t hear, see or move your mouth.”  Jedd Kossew had to do his moulding in sections, because “it feels like you are buried alive underground.  It is really extreme.” On the day of the shoot they will undergo 4-6 hours of onset make-up, hair and wardrobe to transform them into old men. This will be a little tricky with the bands new drummer, Dylan as he has some pretty long dreadlocks, but all will be revealed in the completed video. All in all with 3 weeks of pre-production, over 12 hours of make-up and a full day of filming, this music video will be at the forefront of make-up prosthetics in South Africa.

UPDATE! Die Antwoord's Donker Mag

You either hate them or love them. I love them. South Africa's zeffest export Die Antwoord is finaly telling their fans about their new CD, Donker Mag (English: Dark Power). Ninja recently wrote to fans about the album:

NINJA and ¥O-LANDI r in HI-TEKS studio erryday workin hard on our most poweful spell yet. we’v been workin on DONKER MAG 4 about 2yrz now. we thought we wud b finisht by dis time. but we kept makin up new songz by accident. dis shit iz so good. sooooo so good. i want 2 get stoned and bump da fukn shit out of DONKER MAG worse dan any1. again. dont worry. u wont b sorry 4 long. our 1st single features 1 of my dearest friendz in da hole universe.1 cannot rush such powerful magick. thank u 4 yor patience. dont hate me x

all my love

In a Facebook update, Ninja said:
"DONKER MAG update // we just finisht recording DM album // its busy getting mastered now 2make it sound evn more xtra nice busy finishin up DM album artwork at da moment // den DM album gets set-up 4 synchronized world-wide release (which takes a second) // while dats happening we make video 4 nxt DM single // den just b4 DONKER MAG world tour starts we drop new video and DM album // an we all enter da nxt dimension"
Die Antwoord is also embarking on a Donker Mag Tour. Exicted!

Lady Gaga + green vomit = weird

Ok, so I have seen many strange things happening on stage, but Lady Gaga's latest weird moment caught me off guard. At a recent gig, artist Millie Brown vomited on her during her rendition of the song 'Swine'. Music-news.com reports that the 27-year-old singer sparked outrage when performance artist Millie Brown vomited on her during her rendition of 'Swine' at the festival in Texas, but she insists the "strange" act is helping to change the art world. Lady Gaga explained: "Sometimes things that are really strange and feel really wrong can change the world. "I'm not saying vomit is going to change the world. What I'm saying is it's the idea of a moment where it's truly just what we wanted to create and us just respecting each other as artists was enough for the performance to be worth it." Demi Lovato - who struggled with bulimia - had accused Gaga of "glamorizing" the eating disorder after Millie drank bottles of coloured milk before sticking her fingers down her throat and regurgitating onto the 'Applause' singer. However Gaga brushed off the accusations, insisting she's a long-time fan of Millie's work and loves collaborating with her. Gaga added: "I've known Millie for I think like five years now and we've actually collaborated before, she was just in town and so we thought we would collaborate again."

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pharrell Williams and Alicia Keys record a song for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack

Pharrell Williams
HOT HOT HOT! We tell you. It's HOT! I was over the moon and back when I learnt that Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar and Hans Zimmer have teamed up on a song for the forthcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. According to digitalspy, is the track called 'It's On Again' and was produced by Pharrell and is sung by Keys, with a guest rap from Lamar. In a statement to Billboard, Alicia said, ""I'm very excited to be a part of such a powerful collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer. This is the next chapter in the Spider-Man legacy and we really feel 'It's On Again' captures the experience, the story - and most importantly - the meaning behind the film, which is that we all have the potential to be extraordinary. There's a little bit of a superhero in all of us." The movie's director Marc Webb added: "We were looking for just the right song to close out the film - a song that would be upbeat and exciting, but also contain a note of foreboding. Alicia's song, 'It's On Again,' is the perfect end note.

Tori Amos returns to South Africa in June

Tori Amos
Following her highly successful five concert sell-out SA tour in 2011, singer-songwriter, pianist and composer, Tori Amos returns to South Africa at the end of June 2014 for four performances only as part of her world tour in support of her latest album, Unrepentant Geraldines. Tori Amos begins her SA Tour at the Teatro at Montecasino on Thursday, 26 June and Friday, 27 June followed by two concerts at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on Sunday, 29 June and Monday, 30 June. Unrepentant Geraldines is a return to her core identity as a creator of contemporary songs of exquisite beauty following a series of more classically inspired and innovative musical projects of the last four years. These have included the seasonal collection Midwinter Graces, the classically influenced Night of Hunters, and Gold Dust, a collection of orchestral re-workings of songs from across her career. Released in October 2012 Gold Dust included Flavor, which was remixed by the late DJ Peter Rauhofer and peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Club Dance Chart in February 2013. Last year Tori Amos also launched her most ambitious project to date as a composer, along with book writer Samuel Adamson, when their musical The Light Princess premiered at London's National Theatre for the start of an initial run until the end of last month, with a possible extension. At the prestigious UK Evening Standard Drama Awards earlier this year, The Light Princess was nominated for Best Musical and leading lady Rosalie Craig won the Best Musical Performance category. Tickets on sale at Computicket.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Pet Shop Boys records new song based on a gay rights speech by drag queen Panti Bliss

Pet Shop Boys
Electro outfit Pet Shop Boys have recorded a new song based on a gay rights speech made by a drag queen, which had gone viral on YouTube. NME.com reports that they recorded the track after drag queen Panti Bliss, real named Rory O'Neill, gave the speech damning homophobia in Ireland at an event held at Dublin's Abbey Theatre in February and he was praised by stars including Stephen Fry and Madonna. The West End Girls hit makers have now made their support clear by turning the speech into a new song called The Best Gay Possible, featuring 10 minutes of the speech set to trance music. According to contactmusic.com, the song was released on Saturday 8 March on the Pet Shop Boys website. It features all 10 minutes of the speech set to a trance track. Singer Neil Tennant wrote: “Check this out” with a link to the track, which can be heard here. After the track was unveiled O'Neil took to his Twitter.com account to voice his approval, writing, "Pet Shop Boys made an amazing track out of my Noble Call speech. Seriously, they did."

Anton Goosen: Die Liedjieboer se Rumoer

Anton en sy hond, Skye
‘n Mens kan nie help om nederig te voel in die geselskap van Anton Goosen nie. Die bekende sanger, wat ook alom bekendstaan as die ‘Liedjieboer’,  het sedert 1976 diep spore in die Afrikaanse musieklandskap getrap toe hy Jantjie vir Sonja Herholdt geskryf het.  “Die beginjare was wonderlik”, vertel Anton. Ek onthou toe ek die eerste keer Jantjie oor die radio gehoor het. Dit was welliswaar ‘n gevoel van tevredenheid en ook erkenning”.  Hy het ook liedjies geskryf vir Carike Keuzenkamp en Laurika Rauch. In 1979 was sy deurbraak jaar toe sy CD Boy Van Die Suburbs uitgereik was. Dit was Afrikaanse-musiek omwenteling, en dit nogal van ‘n sanger vir wie in standerd nege gesê is daar “geen toekoms vir hom in musiek is nie”. Anton se liedjie Blommetjie Gedenk Aan My word alom beskryf as die “eerste Afrikaanse-rocksong” en hy verwerf die titel as die “Vader Van Afrikaanse-rock.” Sy loopbaan was kleurvol met baie hoogtepunte, maar ook laagtepunte. “1989 tot 1993 was rowwe tye,” vertel Anton. “Die Winde van Verandering CD asook die Houtstokfees waar ek ‘Die Wit Kaffers Van Afrika’ gesing het, het die veiligheidspolisie se aandag getrek. My foon was afgeluister en ouens met gewere het by my optredes opgedaag. “ ‘n Ander laagtepunt was toe hy in 2007 die slagoffer was van ‘n gewapende roof en toe besluit het om hom permanent te vestig in Gansbaai. “Dit is rustig by die see. Kalm en goed vir ‘n mens.” Mense sal dalk verbaas wees om te weet dat hy hom destyds ook bekwaam het as ‘n Suid-Transvaalse sokkerskeidsregter. “Ek is ‘n groot Manchester United ‘fan’”, bieg hy. Op die oomblik is die Liedjieboer besig om aan ‘n nuwe CD te werk wat later vanjaar uitgereik gaan word. “Ek skryf nog daaraan en dit lyk of my omgewing ‘n groot rol gaan speel in die gevoel van die CD, soos aardsheids, verganglikheid, stories en legendes.”