Friday, 19 May 2017

Louise Carver Releases “Keep Your Eyes On Me” As The Next Single From Her Album “Hanging In The Void”

“Hanging In The Void” is an album filled with raw emotion and on writing “Keep Your Eyes On Me”, Louise Carver comments “When I wrote this song, I wanted to convey a sense of urgency, like time is running out if we don't fix these problems. It's a plea for the relationship not to end and a willingness to fight for it, even though you can feel it slipping away. Mark Beling and I wanted to create natural highs and lows in the music showing all the emotions a person goes through when they are trying to keep their relationship alive. The acoustic guitar and drums naturally drive the song, yet still keep it intimate and personal.”

“Hanging In The Void” is Louise Carver’s most heartfelt and emotionally stirring album. First single “Lift Off” launches the album with a powerful message of hope and belief, new single “Keep Your Eyes On Me” pulls on the heart strings with its emotional delivery and stand out tracks “Remedy”, “Time Stood Still”, “Your Love Is Like” and “All the Lessons” all tell a story of a tough personal journey that lead to creating one of the best records of 2016.

Carver has had multiple radio hits with singles such as “Empty Fantasy”, “It Don’t Matter” and “Warrior feat. Zulu Boy” and “Hanging In The Void” is set to deliver many more radio and fan favourite singles. The album was recorded with one of SA’s finest producers Mark Beling and is arguably Carver’s best work.

‘Hanging In The Void’ is available for digital download and in music stores nationwide.

Listen to “Louise Carver – Keep Your Eyes On Me”: https://soundcloud.com/the-louise-carver/keep-your-eyes-on-me-4

We Are Charlie Drop The Music Video For Their Brand New Single ‘Starting To Stop’

We Are Charlie just keep the hits coming and ‘Starting To Stop’ is the latest offering from the Pretoria trio! The band release the music video and single recently.

Watch the music video for ‘Starting To Stop’ here: https://youtu.be/p9oq1u_3SfU

Following the hits ‘Let’s Stare At The Sun’ and ‘Red Norton’, the latest offering ‘Starting to Stop’ is the band’s most powerful Indie Rock single release to date! “The name came to us after a few too many drinks and a soppy conversation about growing up with a few screws loose. We were unjustifiably proud of ourselves for “starting to stop” with our bad habits. There is a girl in this one but she is and will never be real because the boy in the story can’t materialise anything worth his own weight in making bad decisions. A figment of his own imagination then? We are hopeful that this will move a few bodies on the dance floor. Thanks again from the Charlie boys.”

‘Starting To Stop’ is out now on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/starting-to-stop-single/id1237200009

Chris Chameleon releases two albums in two languages in less than a year

Chris Chameleon is one of the most well-known faces and voices in the SA Music Industry. He is a singer/songwriter/TV and film actor, and performer extraordinaire. Multiple SAMA and Huisgenoot Tempo award-winner, he is one of the few talents who has been successful in both the English and Afrikaans music industries. His two album releases in less than a year proves just that: ‘Firmament’ was released in September 2016 and has been nominated for a SAMA Award 2017 in the Best Alternative Album Category. Chameleon`s new Afrikaans album, ‘Jy en Ek en Ek en Jy’ his first since 2009, was released in May 2017.

Chameleon says that while his Afrikaans work has kept him very busy in recent years, there is still much coming forth from in his English mind. “I feel like a different person in each of the 4 languages I speak fluently and it has the strange consequence that I subsequently express myself in dissimilar ways in each of these languages.”

In asking Chris Chameleon how he managed to release two albums in less than a year, he answers: “It was possible to release two albums, one English and one Afrikaans, in the space of a single year because the one took very a long time and the other a very short time. Work on ‘Jy en Ek en Ek en Jy’ started in 2012. The words happened very quickly back then, but it wouldn’t be until 2016, after the release and recording of ‘Firmament’, that the melodies started taking shape, and that happened rather quickly too. ‘Firmament’, on the other hand, was written and composed in a very short space of time. Some of the songs were written in a half an hour of inspired frenzy. I guess that’s what happens when you have been holding stuff in for too long, it just comes pouring out. As for the release dates, I never really plan these things, when I’m done, I put it out. Otherwise you start questioning yourself and go back fixing the past, obsessing about it, while the future and present pass you by unnoticed. Maybe that’s why we have eyes in the front of our heads; because we are meant to move forward.”

Chameleon explains that the main drive of the theme of the English album and why it is titled Firmament, is that he has reached a phase in his life where he feels less bothered by what people think of him. He says: “It is strange, because I am in the ‘vanity industry’ and one should care. On the one hand it leaves you with the responsibility to not let yourself go. It is easy to neglect your appearance and lose your grasp of protocol when you stop caring what people think. So, I find the need to maintain some element of vigilance in that regard.”

Listen to the catchy single “Can`t Stop Me Loving You” here: https://soundcloud.com/chrischameleon/firmament-06-cant-stop-me-loving-you

Video: ‘Hurt’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U8SIOZm5YM

This long-awaited Afrikaans album ‘Jy en Ek en Ek en Jy’ was inspired by Chris Chameleon's personal experiences with the search for and experience of love. Chameleon says that the album is a work of emotional disclosure. He speaks in the album about God, his beloved and matters of the heart.  "The album was not made on demand or because it was time or because I had enough songs for a new album. I gave myself full, unrestricted freedom of music and lyrics. I did not disguise my feelings with artistic conjuring or ribbons and bows. The texts were often written in free verse or naked prose, while still finding their form in the regularity of song. This was a process that took a lot of honesty from me. I am humbled by the mystery of love and was inspired to write an album that extended beyond the understanding of my mind.”

Listen to Chameleon`s new Afrikaans single “Die Intimiteit van ons Greep” here:


Video: ‘Die Intimiteit van ons Greep’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEqVB0dcWGo

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

VAN COKE KARTEL Calls it a Night - The Final Tour

After a brutal decade of rock ‘n roll, 5 full length albums, various drummer line-up changes, numerous prestigious awards, international tours to places like Taiwan and Europe, opening for monster international acts like Metallica, Van Coke Kartel has decided that it is time to call it quits.

‘’Van Coke Kartel has been a crazy ride.  It was the main focus for Francois van Coke and myself for many years. A lot of work went into the project and we definitely learned a lot from it. It is sad to think that it is all coming to an end, but I’m excited to take the circus on the road for one last time!’’ Wynand Myburgh

The band has not played a live show in 16 months.  Rather than just fade away, they will be going out with a bang on their final tour in July 2017.

For the finale, the Kartel will be re-uniting with ex-drummer Jason Oosthuizen to complete the line-up that they were known for the longest in their 10 year existence.

‘’The band had many different drummer over the years. A total of 5 to be be exact. We felt that the time that Jason was with us, it was our ‘golden years’. In that period we were extremely active and on an all-time high. It just felt natural to end the project with him on drums.’’ Jedd Kossew

When Fokofpolisiekar went on a hiatus in 2007, Francois van Coke and Wynand Myburgh took this opportunity to start Van Coke Kartel.  Jedd Kossew later became a full time member and this addition catapulted Van Coke Kartel’s live performances into another dimension.

‘’When Wynand and I started the project in 2007, we had never been in a band where we were the main song writers. It took a lot of hard work to create those first records. I think we got our confidence from the fact that we knew that when we hit the stage, we will make up for whatever we lacked in the songwriting. When Jedd joined he took us to a new level and he immediately contributed a lot to the writing process. He still does so today with my solo stuff.’’ Francois van Coke

Van Coke Kartel’s energetic, no-nonsense rock ‘n roll show is celebrated as a high-energy spectacular.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see them live for the last time ever.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Kahn & Karen Zoid - We Could Be Divine Tour

Off the back of the release of their debut number 1 charting collaboration 'We Could Be Divine', Kahn Morbee and Karen Zoid have announced an exclusive run of performances across the country.

After forging a friendship together on The Voice SA, the combination of their creative spaces eventually culminated in their hit single charting across radio stations throughout South Africa. 'Organic and effortless' is how Kahn describes their song writing process.

Performing together in full concert was the natural next step for them. Off the back of the massive response received for 'We Could Be Divine', the duo will be bringing their concert to Cape Town, Grahamstown, Bloemfontein, Durban and Johannesburg.

Brought to you by M-NET and set to be one of the most highly anticipated shows of 2017, these SAMA-winning singer songwriters will be performing their hit duet alongside current bodies of work both past and present. Having two South African music icons share the stage and perform each other's hits will undoubtedly be a concert that is guaranteed to enthral the audience like no other.

DATE: 30 & 31 MAY 2017

DATE: 3 JULY 2017

DATE:  14 JULY 2017

DATE:  18 JULY 2017
BOOKING:  COMPUTICKET *Ticket sales not yet open

DATE: 21ST JULY 2017

MIDNIGHT OIL Live In South Africa For One Show Only!

Legendary Australian rock band and agitators Midnight Oil today announced their first show in South Africa in over two decades. They also unveiled plans to release three archival box sets including a collection called “The Overflow Tank” which will contain more than 14 hours of previously unreleased and rare material.

The Johannesburg show is included as part of the SOLD OUT “The Great Circle 2017” World Tour, featuring the group in its classic lineup. The world tour kicked off in mid-April and Midnight Oil will be performing over 30 gigs around the world reaching Johannesburg on Saturday the 29th of July. During the world tour they will share festival stages with artists like Arcade Fire, Sting and The Pixies.

These will be Midnight Oil’s only shows in the last 15 years. It will also be the group’s most extensive world tour since their classic late 80’s/early 90’s albums like “Diesel & Dust”, “Blue Sky Mining” and “Earth & Sun & Moon” sold over 10 million copies around the globe.

All info on the Johannesburg concert is listed below. Extensive anti-scalping measures are being taken around this tour so fans are also formally advised to only buy tickets from the official ticket agencies listed on the band’s website to avoid possible fraud and needless overpayment via so called “reselling” sites.

The band have also announced the impending release of a remastered CD box set called “The Full Tank” featuring all of their existing albums and EP’s plus a mammoth new 4 CD/8 DVD trove called “The Overflow Tank” which will include over 14 hours of previously unreleased and rare material. Both of these box sets will be housed in replica miniature water tanks like the one featured onstage at so many ‘Oils’ gigs. The band also unveiled their first ever complete Vinyl collection which will feature 11 remastered LP’s and two 12” EP’s all cut at Abbey Rd Studios in London. The three box sets will be released around the start of the tour but full track-listings and pre-orders are available now via www.midnightoil.com.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of music knows the basics of Midnight Oil’s story and how these musical innovators and social justice brought us anthems like “Beds are Burning”, “The Dead Heart”, “Blue Sky Mine”, “Forgotten Years” and “Say Your Prayers” plus a string of other hits. Their music makes you feel. Their lyrics make you think. And the combined impact live onstage is nothing less than a call to action.

In a dangerously warming world of Trump, Hanson, Petry and Le Pen the voice of Midnight Oil clearly takes on renewed relevance; they have always been a band that both reflects and shapes “the temper of the times”. Clarion calls like “it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees” may have been intended for earlier eras but they resonate more than ever in these days of ‘alternative facts’.

In keeping with the band’s longstanding commitments, their carbon footprint during “The Great Circle” World Tour will, of course, be fully offset and sustainability initiatives will be undertaken at all shows. Midnight Oil will also continue their collaborations with local and international environmental organizations including Greenpeace, supporting their campaigns on crucial issues like dangerous climate change and the imminent threats to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

At one level “The Great Circle 2017” simply reflects the geographic reality that the tour will loop around the world and circle Australia. At another level the name clearly implies the planet itself but it has a further meaning too. Sailors, and airmen use “the great circle” to navigate the globe because on a sphere the shortest distance between two points is not usually a straight line. How appropriate for a group who has always been deeply engaged with the world around them but whose career path has never been linear.

Midnight Oil is more than just a rock’n’roll band. In 2017 they will finally bring things back to where they all began. The circle remains unbroken.