Tuesday, 31 December 2013

CD REVIEW! Seether 2002 - 2013

I've always been a stern supporter of local (South Africa) music, especially rock music. One of my favourite bands that emerged was Saron Gas, now known as Seether. I've seen them live several times, had the privilege of meeting and interviewing lead singer Shuan Morgan, have all their CDs, and now got my hands on their best of CD, Seether 2002 - 2013. It's an epic rock collection for Seether fans, and a perfect introduction for newbies to the band. Seether 2002-2013 is a 2-disc compilation album. The first disc will comprise of the band's well-known songs and singles, while the second disc will comprise of a cover of Veruca Salt's song Seether, the name of which the band is named after, 2 new studio tracks, along with unreleased demos, B-sides, and soundtrack songs. Although the CD is overall a freakin' hot release, there are a couple of songs that got me up and playing the air guitar - songs like Gasoline, Fine Again, Driver Under, Broken (with Amy Lee of Evanescence), Remedy, Rise Above This and the band's awesome cover of the Wham! song, Careless Whisper. Seriously guys, this is just of the best rock CDs I've ever heard. Honestly, a must have for fans of rock music!

Monday, 30 December 2013

DVD REVIEW! Pink - The Truth About Love - Live from Melbourne, Australia

P!nk rocks. That is official. The P!nk - The Truth About Love - Live from Melbourne DVD is one of my best DVDs I bought this year. It's totally amazing! The DVD features the jaw-dropping theatrics and acrobatics that P!nk has become renowned for. The show is a visually stunning stage production that includes pyrotechnics, soaring stunts, and career-spanning hits. And when I mean hits, I mean her best known songs - all of them. What blew me away was the song Just Give Me A Reason as she is joined by Fun.'s Nate Ruess. Other tracks that gave me the chills include Just Like A Pill, Trouble, Slut Like You, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) and So What, to name a few. If there is 1 DVD for your collection, it's this one. You won't be disappointed!

HOT! Die Heuwels Fantasties rock with new release!

South Africa’s most successful and acclaimed Afrikaans Alternative Pop group, Die Heuwels Fantasties, is back with a new release. Wens jy was hier (Wish you were here) is a deluxe album comprising of an EP with five brand new tracks, the Alles wat Mal is album and the Live op Paul Cluver DVD. This album debuted at Number 1 on the day of its release on iTunes. The songs on the EP were inspired by Die Heuwels Fantasties’ love for Vleesbaai.  “We stared at the ocean, played the songs until they felt good and we recorded the tracks immediately afterwards,” says Pierre Greeff, lead singer of the band. The EP includes Welkom featuring Laudo Liebenberg from aKING and two bonus tracks, one of which is a collaboration with Mandoza called Afrikaan.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Pearl Jam manager guilty of stealing money

Oh boy! This is not a good Christmas gift of alt rockers Pearl Jam's manager, Rickey Charles Goodrich. Digital Spy reports Pearl Jam's former manager Rickey Charles Goodrich has admitted to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the band. Charges have been filed against Goodrich, with prosecutors accusing him of stealing $380,000 (R3924467.17 ZAR) in the four years that he served as chief financial officer for Pearl Jam's management company Curtis Management. According to the Seattle Weekly, Pearl Jam hired a private detective to investigate Goodrich, revealing that he had made several wire transfers from their account in order to pay off his own debts. Pearl Jam have not commented publicly on the case, which has been on-going since Goodrich was prosecuted in June.

Channel O welcomes the New Year with a Celebrity Bassment Special!

The best way to get your New Year’s Eve party going this year is by tuning in to Channel O’s Celebrity Bassment New Year’s Special on Tuesday, 31 December. Some of South Africa's  best DJs are lining up to get you in high spirits from 9:00 in the morning all the way into 2014. The popular trio Uhuru kicks off the festivities at 09:00, followed by Soweto born hip-hop royalty Ms. Cosmo, whose mix will put you in the party mood from 11:00. Then, during lunchtime, from 13:00 to 14:00, DJ Cleo of Es’khaleni fame takes over with his famous blend of kwaito and house. Between 15:00 and 16:00 world-renowned DJ ID rocks the video spinner and thereafter it's over to Channel O’s Bassment resident VJ Shimza. Then, at 19:00, heavyweight DJs SPHEctacula and Naves turn into prime-time, while DJ Malvado, well-known for the hit Atchutchutcha, takes charge of the set at 21:00. Iconic DJ Ganyani joins the party at 23:00 for the countdown to midnight. Ganyani has been in the music industry for over 20 years, and his smash hit Xhigubhu, which he recently performed at the Channel O Africa Music Video Awards, once again confirmed his status as a grandmaster. After Ganyani has taken us into the New Year, the fireworks won’t stop on Channel O. At 01:00 Durban born superstar DJ Andy X, gets cracking with more party music. Don’t miss out on the longest party of the year:  Channel O’s New Year’s Eve Celebrity Bassment Special! Tune in from 09:00 on Tuesday, 31 December for the best mixes from hottest DJs. Channel O is available on Channel 320 on DSTV and  DSTV Mobile!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

HOT! Ross Jack's new music video for Home Safe

Ross Jack
Ross Jack, the young rapper who has shot in the musical stratosphere with his phenomenal cosmopolitan cross-over album, Notes from the Wild, is set to release his brand new music video for the hit-track, Home Safe – and if the aesthetic is on his other monster-hits such as Seven 45 and TV’s in the Swimming Pool is anything to go by – South Africans should get ready for a visual feast. Home Safe was recorded in London, with the award winning producer Pete "Boxsta" Martin, who has worked with the likes of Jessie J and the Sugababes. The flawless international production values had to be matched in quality by the visual elements in the video.  This is how Ross Jack and the brilliant production team who worked on this project came up with the concept of the video. It was important that the central theme of the song was translated into a visual story that made sense and that could transport the viewer to a different world as much as the song does. The bike- scenes were inspired by the idea of a gang of lost souls. Ross finds his way home back to the girl singing the chorus (beautifully sung by German-based, Australian rising star – Kat Vinter). Thereby the underlying theme is underscored. The young man returns to place of safety and comfort – he quite literally comes home… The video was shot in Irene, Pretoria by the brilliant team at Picture Tree Productions and was directed by Fausto Becatti. There was an enormous storm during the shoot and the team had to stop in the middle of scenes to avoid it – luckily this unexpected intervention by Mother Nature provided an incredible ambience, particularly in shots featuring the girl. The video for Home Safe is another notch in the meteoric career of this exceptional young talent, as his singles continue to reach number one spots on radio stations across the country. With yet another mesmerising video from this star of international quality – South Africans can expect even more brilliance from Ross Jack – he is not only the star of the moment, but also a formidable force that is set to change the musical landscape of our country with superb sounds, lyrics and visual elements.

DJ Naaldekoker talks to us about his dance moves, his first attempt of remixing with Gerhard Steyn’s Baby Chocolates, his love-hate relationship with Boney M and that he actually used to be a wrestler!

DJ Naaldekoker is running around crazy since the release of his debut CD, Naaldekoker – The Cub Meltdown. The Beat eventually caught up with him and had a chat about his CD, his first remix ever, the one CD he will hide if he gets house guests and what Kurt Darren’s reaction was when he heard DJ Naaldekoker’s remix of Kurt’s songk Kaptein.

DJ Naaldekoker, interesting stage name. How did you come up with it? The first band I played in was an Afrikaans hip-hop band called Piet Potent. I did a lot of scratching in the shows and the name came from that. Naaldekoker is Afrikaans for Dragonfly but it’s also a word play on Naald = Needle (Like needle on your record) and Koker = cooking (Like saying you are on fire or cooking). So basically it was just a funny name and very different and it just stuck.

So what is your real name then and where do you stay? Jansen-Pierre Myburgh and I recently moved out to Kommetjie from Seapoint and Im loving it.!

Give us the low-down where you grew up, went to school, studies… My early childhood days were spent in Mosselbay. From there my family moved to Somerset West where they still live. I went to both Paul Roos and Parel Vallei High School and finished my B.Comm at Stellenbosch University. After my first degree I carried on to do my post grad law but the music industry with all its touring requirements took its toll and so I made music my priority and followed that path full steam ahead.

How did you get interested in music? I loved music from a very young age. I remember clearly how I took my own mix tape to a grade 3 primary school class sleepover and gave the teacher my tape to play. I remember how surprised he looked when I told him till where he had to forward the tape to get to the track that I wanted him to play. I knew my tape back to front. But the DJ’ing side of it got me when I heard DJ Qbert scratch on the Dr Octagon record when I was fourteen.  That’s when the bug really bit.

Your first CD you ever bought was..... A CD from the LA hip-hop  group Dilated peoples – worst comes to first [very hip-hop in my young days :) ]

Your first ever remix you did was... A semi mock dance remix of Gerhard Steyn’s Baby Chocolates.

You did a cool remix of Kurt Darren's Kaptein. Why that song and what was his reaction to it? Thanks! The thing about that song that most people wouldn’t admit is that is actually a really good song. So it was pretty easy for me to take it as is and just add some flavour to it. His reaction was unexpectedly positive when he heard it. I was pretty much allowed to do whatever I wanted with the song.

You just released your debut CD. It’s called Naaldekoker – The Cub Meltdown. Named after my first single which was one of my favourites, The Meltdown feat Goodluck. It is pretty much a party album which you can dance to from beginning to end.

Why did it take to so long to release? I felt no need to rush it and compromising the end product in doing so. I wanted to take my time with each track and make sure I was 100% happy with it before sending it to print.

How do you choose artists to work with when you make your hot tunes? I usually have a few artists in mind that could work for a particular song that I am working on. I start by approaching whoever is on top of my list. I have been lucky in that no one has rejected an offer of doing a track with as of yet.

It sounds like the artists you choose to work with compliments your style, or is it a mutual collaboration? Each track I have done so far has had varying degrees of collaborating in them but it certainly is best when both myself and the artist I am featuring get to contribute creatively as much as possible.

You're freaking good DJ, but how would you rate your dancing skills? Ha ha ha ha! It depends on whether I’m lubricated enough. But no I can’t sokkie-sokkie.

What does fans don't know about you? Ummmm I used to be a wrestler

What music do you listen to? I know this is a boring answer but it’s true. I listen to a very wide range of music. From Nina Simone to Deadmau5. Different occasions calls for different types of music.

Which CD would you hide when your buddies/musical friends came to visit you? Luckily I don’t listen to anything super cheesy so I don’t have anything to hide but if I had say a Venga boys album then I would hide that.

  Credit: Manfred Werner
What is the worst remix you've ever heard (local or international)? I can’t stand it when SA artists take international hits and simply translate them into Afrikaans and then claim them as their own.

If you could do a remix of a Carike Keuzenkamp song, which song would you choose? I’m not sure which one of hers I would like to work with but someone similar is Laurika Rauch and her song “Blouberg Se Strand” brings back so many memories that I’m sure I can find some inspiration to do something cool with that song.

The jolly season is upon us, what you going to do this festive season? I’m playing a total of 27 gigs this December so it’s pretty much one long touring party for me this festive season.

What would you say is your favourite Xmas song and New Year's Eve Party song? I have been so busy with parties that I haven’t seen or heard much of the Christmas vibe yet but I definitely have a favourite party NYE song and that is a mashup remix I made of Avicci’s – You make me. It gets me into the vibe every time I drop it.

Are you a fan of Boney M? The amount of times I heard Boney M play during this time of year whilst growing up has made it impossible to not have a love hate relationship with it.

Lastly, what are your big plans for 2014? Any secret projects you working on, maybe a movie or a TV series? Ha ha ha I’m afraid my acting skills are pretty shocking but I have some other big plans... Just keep watching this space :)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

HOT VIDEO! Rihanna plays Eminem's therapist in The Monster music video

It's one of the hottest songs of Eminem's new CD, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, and now finally, the video for The Monster has been released. And it's great! The clip, directed by Rich Lee, sees Rihanna play the rapper's therapist as he relives moments from his past. Eminem is heading to South Africa for the first time ever with his Rapture 2014 Tour. Fans of the rapper can see him on Wednesday 26 February 2014 at the Cape Town Stadium and on Saturday 1 March at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Avicii: the most Shazamed Electronic artist of 2013

Shazam (the mobile phone-based music identification service) has released its figures for the highest ranking artists and songs of this year, alongside its annual predictions of artists that it expects will break during the coming year, with Swedish DJ Avicii adding a number of accolades to an already extensive list of impressive firsts in 2013. Amassing a huge 26.5 million Shazams globally over the course of this year, Avicii is the most Shazamed Electronic artist in the world in 2013 and the second most Shazamed artist overall. This ranks him above the likes of Rihanna, Daft Punk and Justin Timberlake, who all feature in the Top 10. 'Wake Me Up!', the first single to be taken from his debut album 'True', ranks as the second most Shazamed song in the world with 14.7 million Shazams, ranking #1 in the UK and #2 in Australia, Italy and Spain as well as #4 in the US. Avicii is set to release his latest single 'Hey Brother' on 23 December, which he will follow by embarking on an extensive series of 'True Tour' dates at the start of 2014.

CD REVIEW! Beyoncé - Beyoncé

Queen Bey Beyoncé surprised fans around the world when she unexpectedly released a "visual" album, Beyoncé. The album boasts with 14 new songs and 17 videos! Beyoncé, music's glossiest mega-star, worked with the likes of Drake, Pharrell and hubby Jay Z on this project. The videos are has various directors on them, but it's the video Blue which caught my attention as it features her daughter, Blue Ivy! Essential tracks on this album are “Pretty Hurts”, “Partition”, “Flawless”, and “Blue”. The Daily Telegraph's Neil McCormick dubbed the LP "the most X-rated pop album since Madonna's Erotica", further writing in his four-star review: "You could get into a head spin about the mixed messages. Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie delivers a feminist empowerment speech over the dirty groove of Flawless, while Beyoncé yells “Bow down b***hes”. It's a brilliant release that touches on futuristic R&B and some electro soul thrown in for extra sound. Awesome!

REVIEW! Nickelback blows Cape Town away

Canadian rockers Nickelback knows how to surprise a person. The toured South Africa for the first time and I got the chance to go see them on the last leg of their SA tour and last show of their international tour in Cape Town. A full house with rock music playing while the audience wait for the Chad and the boys to get on to stage. Things really got interesting when suddenly the volume was turned up full blast (I could feel my underpants vibrating with the bass and drums!) as Pantera’s awesome metal tune ‘Walk’ played. As the song was ending the lights went out and madness took over when Nickelback appeared on stage. This was their Greatest Hits Tour and fans weren’t disappointed at all as the band ripped through their hits. Chad has an excellent on stage personality – interacting with the crowd whenever he can. Of course the band also kept up with amusing the audience when their roadie took to the stage every few minutes to bring the band some shooters they had to drink! Chad jokingly referred to Gin & Tonic as a “panty remover”. It was their lesser known hit, “Figured It Out” that blew the audience away – what a powerful song! A touching moment was the tribute they paid to former South African president, Nelson Mandela. That gripped the audience and was received with lots of screaming and clapping. Visually the band didn’t disappoint. A brilliant light show with big LED screens showing various images brought the whole concert closer to the audience. In a nutshell, one of the best indoor rock concerts I’ve EVER seen in South Africa.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

30 Seconds To Mars in South Africa in June 2014

Rockers 30 Seconds To Mars are heading to South Africa for two shows: Friday 13 June at the Grand Arena, Cape Town and Monday 16 June at the Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg. Thirty Seconds to Mars have gone on to scale the heights of rock and roll stardom and are known for their energetic live performances and their fusion of different genres. Although they found modest success with their self-titled debut, it was their second album, ‘A Beautiful Lie,’ which announced them as bonafide rock and roll superstars. Tickets are on sale now from bigconcerts.co.za and Computicket.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

CD REVIEW! Various - Now 65

Sigh....it's that time of the year where compilation albums will be released one after the other. Some will be good. Some sucks big time, and others float in the middle. Now 65 floats in the middle. Yes, there are mega hits on here, but some of the tracks are seriously dated. The tracklisting, which includes Katy Perry's Roar and Lady Gaga's Applause, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Same Love are the only truly hot songs on this CD. I miss the oomph of this double CD. It sounds like the compilers just had to try and compress songs onto a double disc, forgetting that some of the songs are really crap! I would have loved to have seen, at least, Eminem and Rihanna's hit Monster on here, or Eminem's Bezerk, but alas, that is not the case. If you like old and new songs stuffed together for the sake of selling, then this is for you. Otherwise, I'm skipping this one.