Thursday, 31 October 2013

Robin Thicke in "hot water" over Blurred Lines

Oh dear, it seems that hottie Robin Thicke has find himself in some trouble. Music-news.com reports that the two children of the late singer Marvin Gaye, have decided to move forward with their lawsuit against Robin and his hit Blurred Lines, alleging that the song rips off their father's Got To Give It Up. According to reports, Robin struck the first blow when he went to a Californian court to try to get protection for his song, saying that "being reminiscent of a 'sound' is not copyright infringement." The Gaye family didn't take kindly to the pre-emptive move and have upped the ante, saying that not only does Lines infringe on Give It Up's copyrights, but so does Thicke's Love After War, citing a similarity to Gaye's After the Dance. The Hollywood reporter says that the legal papers may also name other examples of Thicke's 'Marvin Gaye fixation.' The suit apparently supports claims by referencing interviews done by Robin where he talks about his love of Marvin, including one where he reportedly said "Pharrell and I were in the studio and I told him that one of my favourite songs of all time was Marvin Gaye's Got to Give it Up. I was like, 'Damn, we should make something like that, something with that groove." Oops!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Rock chick Avril Lavigne and shock rocker Marilyn Manson teams up for a duet, Bad Girls

Satan, sorry, I mean, Marilyn Manson has recorded a duet, Bad Girl, with bad-ass chick Avril Lavigne that will appear on Avril's new CD.  The track opens with '90s shock-rocker Manson snarling, "Just lay your head in daddy's lap/ You're a bad girl." A rock beat kicks in and Manson continues to groan as Lavigne dishes out some eyebrow-raising lyrics. "Hey, hey, I'll let you walk all over me/ You know that I'm a little tease/ But I want it pretty please/ You know I'm crazy/ I just want to be your baby," she sings. "You can f--- me, you can play me/ You can love me, you can hate me." In a recent interview with NNE, Avril said, "The record is really diverse. Themes with pop-rock, but we also have piano ballads with orchestra.” The star recently unveiled new single 'Let Me Go', which features guest vocals from her husband Chad Kroeger of Nickelback fame (Nickelback will be touring South Africa in December). Listen to the track, HERE!

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Boss is coming to South Africa!

Iconic singer Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be coming to South Africa for the very first time to perform 3 concerts. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band live Tuesday 28th January 2014 and Wednesday 29th January 2014 at the Bellville Velodrome Cape Town and 1st February 2014 at FNB Stadium, Johannesburg. Having sold 65 million albums in the USA and over 120 million albums worldwide, Bruce Springsteen has won numerous awards including 20 Grammy Awards, 2 Golden Globes and an Academy Award. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999 and Rolling Stone Magazine ranked ‘Born To Run’ and ‘Thunder Road’ in its Top 500 Greatest songs of all time. One of the biggest touring artists in the world, Bruce Springsteen's recording career spans more than thirty years.  Fans will have the chance to hear all the hits with a two and half live music show. CEO of Big Concerts, Attie Van Wyk, commented ‘After 24 years it’s a dream come true to promote Bruce Springsteen in South Africa. It’s definitely a personal highlight to confirm The Boss’ This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

REVIEW! Simple Minds - Celebrate Greatest Hits

If you were young enough to remember the 80s movie The Breakfast Club, then you will surely remember the hit song from the movies soundtrack - Don't You Forget About Me by the group Simple Minds. Although many thought that the 1985 hit, Don't You Forget About Me, was their debut, but in fact the band has been around since 1977! Besides that song, they also released a hand full of epic songs which includes the brilliant Alive And Kicking and awesome Belfast Child. Simple Minds are also arguably one of the best live bands in the world and over a thirty year career have been responsible for some of the most innovative and enduring anthems in rock music. The band is touring South Africa in November. See the legends on 1 & 2 November in Johannesburg at the Big Top Arena and on 3 November in Cape Town at the Grand Arena, GrandWest.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Jack Parow's bestie RufiYOLO releases debut video

Okay, so Jack Parow's bestie RufiYOLO is releasing his debut video Groeipyne today!Rufio Vegas started his career as the first half of Jack Parow's underground rap crew, "Die Vegas en Parow Show" circa 2003.  Since then Jack Parow has gone on to become an Afrikaans rap sensation. Rufio has been tending to his family's floor sanding business, waiting for his chance to YOLO. Two days ago was RufiYOLO’s birthday, so his bestie, Jack Parow, gave him a record deal under his label, Parowphernalia, as a gift. 23 October also marked the end of Rufio Vegas and the birth of RufiYOLO as he started to release Groeipyne as a collection of 15 unique Instagram clips.  The clips were uploaded sequentially via RufiYOLO's Instagram account (@RufiYOLO) on Wednesday and Thursday. “I’m here to give South Africa basic guidelines to have the best time of their lives.  Life is too short to complain about trivialities, so let’s go YOLO,” says RufiYOLO.  He aims to blow new life into the Afrikaans pop market with his fresh sound he calls Afrikaans PowerPop.  Watch this space for more information about release of RufiYOLO’s debut album. check it out – it’s the most fun your computer/mobile/ tablet screen is going to have all day.  Promise! Watch Groeipyne here:  http://youtu.be/Zms0GZ2uEu0

Monday, 21 October 2013

HOT! Katy Perry - Prism

A new threshold, a new light - this is Katy Perry's Prism, a compilation of songs that not only reflect her inner light, but also refract a colourful and mesmerizing wave of change in her music and life. On the heels of Teenage Dream, and after what proved to be one of the most challenging years of her personal life, Katy’s cotton-candy world took a turn down a road of self-reflection as she was creating her new album. “I did a lot of figuring out who I am and reconnecting with myself and growing,” she says. “I’ve let a lot of light in, and through that it’s inspired me to write certain songs that are full of that wonderful positivity." The name, in a sense, says it all. “I feel like a walking prism. I get to shine a light and beam it to all of my listeners through my songs. I am really proud of all of the songs on this record, and everyone says something different. There are a lot of different colours, a lot of different moods, and a lot of different emotions. I’ve learned a lot of things in the past year as I was making it. When I started writing in November 2012, I was in a much darker place. You can see the transition I was going through in the first song I wrote for the record with Greg Wells, 'By the Grace of God.' Then, there came a point this past year where I needed to reflect and sit down and be like, ‘Okay, what’s going on inside of me, and what are some things I need to get clear and deal with? How can I help myself get to the next level and grow?’ I guess you just have to be open and ready for it."

Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse chats about music, mental awareness and his new musical projects

Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse is one of the country's best-loved and most respected musicians; more than just a musician or an artist, he is a legend. The Beat sat down with Sipho to discuss his involvement with the rerecording of the Generations theme music, his opinion on his least favourite character in the soap, his remix CD and his thoughts on Mental Awareness Month.

Hey Sipho! How you doing? Very well thank you ,We just performed last week at the Macufe Festival in Bloemfontein so we have been busy with shows and studies and now in the next couple of weeks  I need to get my UNISA assignments of so we can write my exams 

You were recently involved with the recording of the SABC1 soap Generations' theme music. How did this came about? That is an amazing story ,I was approached by Trevor ,when he was in Johannesburg ,He and Mfundi go back many years as friends and  I am also a family friend of Mfundi and when he came to the studio Trevor heard me saying Bra Mike and he had this confused look on his face and I remarked that Mfundi and  I both went to school together too, as I call it the mighty Orlando West High school in Soweto ,so we were friends before Mfundi even dreamed up Generations. The recording took place over 4 hours in Johannesburg .It was and is a massive honour to work with Trevor. He had written and composed the entire piece of music and all I did was play the sax part which goes through the song. Trevor remarked to me that I have a distinctive way of playing the sax and this brought across the feel he wanted to portray for the new theme going forward. All I remember was blowing like mad take after to take to get the perfect take , but I did not realize was that Trevor has over 15 different takes for the producers to add into the show as each episode ends with a different mood ,Trevor has captured that already .

How did you met Trevor Jones? I have known about Trevor and his work and whited at a distance to extraordinary music he has produced for movie blockbusters , but never actually met ,until March this year at Music Exchange - in Cape Town at the City Hall. We hugged like long lost family members perhaps it is because we share a similar upbringing the District 6 kid and the Soweto Born and breed person . What brought us together was a music program that will change lives and teach the next generation music exchange. I must admit that  I am in awe of Trevor's work .Bear in mind each film can have over 50 -60 pieces of music in them so Trevor's catalogue is over 6000 pieces of music strong . That is just remarkable!

What elements did you bring to the new theme music? I brought the sax parts to the theme music, which Trevor asked me to play.

Are you a fan of the soap?  I know what is going on because friends tell me  ,but I just can't watch the show regularly as i always seem to be busy early evening ,with my kids or family commitments or traveling to events .

If so, who are your favourite and most hated characters on the soap? Let’s rather keep that too myself. It will open a can of worms

October is the International Mental Awareness Month. Firstly, what does this mean to you and what message would you like to convey to South Africans struggling with a mental illness? We need to educate people about these problems especially the youth so that we can learn to guide kids on how to overcome the difficulties and we as adults need to look out for symptoms ,i have a great friend who is bi polar and he blows hot and cold ,but when he takes his tablets he is 100% and sometimes when  I see him he goes off on a tangent and then i know he has not taken his medication and we work through why he has not taken it for the day .

Coming back to your music. What is next in line for Sipho? Maybe a new CD? I have remix of Jive Soweto coming out end Oct and then next year we would really like to do  a DVD talking about my music history .

What is the one thing that fans will find hard to believe about you? Next year will be 30 years since I recorded that song that has been so good to me "Burnout" - Can you believe that ?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Rihanna enjoying Cape Town, South Africa

(Rihanna via Instagram)
Sexy singer Rihanna spent her first day in Cape Town going wild at the aquarium, reports music-news.com. RiRi is currently on her Diamonds World Tour and travelled to Cape Town after playing in Johannesburg Sunday. She is playing at Cape Town Stadium tomorrow evening (Wednesday 16 October). The Stay hitmaker was joined by her mother, aunt and other family members and filled up her Instagram newsfeed Monday with a series of strange poses of herself with animals as she documented their trip. "Aquarium visit with the fam today in Cape Town, good times," she captioned a shot of herself on a balcony above images of the Atlantic Ocean. In a more bizarre image, she posed in a black and white outfit next to a penguin. "B***h stole my look," Rihanna mused. "G'd up crab," she captioned another image of herself with a giant crustacean.

HOT! Eminem debuts "Rap God"

Geez! Rapper Eminem sounds like a machine gun let loose with his spit firing lyrics on the third single, Rap God, from his highly anticipated CD, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The CD is due around 5 November. In stark contrast to his old school hard-hitting and banging tune Berzerk, Rap God takes it a notch down with Em firing lyrics over a mid-tempo beat. The beat takes a backseat to the lyrics, which come at you almost as fast as your mind can process what Marshall is laying down, and the results are guaranteed to leave you reaching for the replay button at least a handful of times. One thing is for sure, there is fire in Eminem's veins on Rap God and he delivers the goods.

Monday, 14 October 2013

HOT CD! Sting - The Last Ship

Composer, singer, author, actor, activist – Sting was born in Newcastle, England before moving to London in 1977 to form The Police with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers. The band released five albums, earned six Grammy awards, and in 2003 was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since 1985, Sting has released 13 solo albums. His latest musical endeavour, The Last Ship, is inspired by a forthcoming play of the same name that will debut on Broadway in 2014, and explores the central themes of homecoming and self-discovery, drawing upon his memories of growing up in the shadow of the Swan Hunters Shipyard in Wallsend. Sting recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his enduring solo career. To commemorate that milestone, the definitive box set 25 Years was released, along with the free iPad app Sting 25, which was awarded the prestigious Cannes Lion for Best Design/Aesthetic at the International Festival of Creativity and features exclusive all-star performances from his 60th birthday benefit concert, plus rare interviews, photos, music videos, and more.

DVD! Bryan Adams - Live At Sydney Opera House

For those Bryan Adams fans who can't wait to see the singer perform in South Africa in January 2014, this DVD should ease the anticipation. Recorded live in September of 2011 in the city’s world-renowned venue, the concert, brings into your home Bryan Adams’ critically acclaimed Bare Bones concert. It is a rare opportunity for fans to see the singer/songwriter in an intimate theatre setting as he shares the music and stories behind the songs that made him one of the most celebrated rockers of the past three decades. It’s an easy, relaxed and entertaining one hour and 43minutes with all the hits from “Run to You”, “Everything I Do I (Do It For You)”, “Cuts Like A Knife”, “Summer of 69”, “Heaven” and 20 more favourites from Bryan’s illustrious career. The idea for the concept tour took hold a number of years ago when fans began requesting a CD of songs they’d just heard, stripped down – raw – unplugged – the way they had originally been created. Accompanied on some selections by keyboardist Gary Breit, the rest is just Bryan, on acoustic guitar and occasionally adding in a harmonica – playing and performing, explaining and embellishing on the music that has resulted in a career that has taken him around the world. *See Bryan in Joburg on 25 and 26 January at the Big Top Arena, Carnival City, then one show only in Cape Town on 28 January at the Grand Arena, GrandWest, Port Elizabeth on 29 January at Feather Market, and 31 January, 2014, at the ICC Durban.  

Sunday, 13 October 2013

P!nk - The Truth About Love Tour: Live From Melbourne - DVD and Blu-Ray out in November

With over 140 shows in 13 countries around the globe, P!nk brings the sold-out show and amazing spectacle of The Truth About Love Tour: Live From Melbourne to ecstatic fans on DVD and Blu-Ray on 25 November. The 1 hour and 50 minute concert was filmed during the Australian leg of the tour, in Melbourne, where P!nk broke the record for most dates in one venue on the same tour, performing an astounding 18 shows in a row to almost 250,000 fans – breaking her own record from her previous acclaimed Funhouse Tour in 2009 .  Pulling from her seven album repertoire, the show includes some of her biggest hits such as “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),"F***in' Perfect," "Try," "Raise Your Glass," and "So What” and P!nk’s recent single, “Just Give Me A Reason” featuring Nate Ruess which reached #1 on both the Hot 100 Chart for 3 consecutive weeks and topped global charts all over the world, including the UK, Germany and Australia. The DVD also includes bonus features such as rehearsal footage leading up to this spectacular show! The Truth About Love Tour: Live From Melbourne features the jaw-dropping theatrics and acrobatics that P!nk has become renowned for, collaborating with creative partner and show director Larn Poland (who also directed The Funhouse Tour: Live In Australia) to produce a visually stunning stage production that includes pyrotechnics, soaring stunts, and career-spanning hits. P!nk continues on The Truth About Love Tour in the U.S. through the end of 2013, finishing her record-breaking tour on 14 December in Atlanta.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Zombie Apocalypse powered by 5FM

Ready for your annual Halloween festivities? How about this one - Zombie Apocalypse powered by 5FM! A first in Halloween celebrations where looking alive is so last season. Make sure you dress to the zombie nines in order to fit in with the undead and don’t get bitten! The deadliest parties with your favourite 5FM DJ’s will be looking for blood at Tiger Tiger’s in Fourways, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Experience the Zombie Flash mob, VIZ attack free zone, diary of the dead photo wall, button badge collection contest and 5FM ‘brain’ birthday cupcakes for your indulgence.  Show us your ‘Thriller’ dance moves and stand in line to win massive prizes on the night. Clubbers can test their skills with the latest zombie games in the zombie gaming area! Each city will feature two of 5FM’s top DJs such as Fresh, Euphonik, Poppy, Roger Goode, Gareth Cliff, Catherine Grenfell, Rob Forbes and Rob Vember. And if you have the cash, why not be a VIZ (Very Important Zombie). If you need a break from the growls and moans from our attackers, the VIZ area will be a ‘Zombie attack free zone’. The zone will be patrolled by ‘sexy Zombie slayers’ to prevent attacks. VIZ Zombies will be fed ‘brains’ and ‘blood shots’ to keep the hunger at bay. Join us on the 31st of October as the urban legend of the zombie comes to life in this epic Halloween showdown. General access is R60 with VIZ going for R140.Tickets available from Computicket.

Best Of Dido CD: tracklisting revealed

Singer Dido has taken to Instagram to reveal the tracklisting for her upcoming greatest hit album. The double CD - out November 25 - features 18 songs from her four studio albums, including 'Here With me', 'Thank You' and 'White Flag', while CD2 is a selection of remixes including new song 'NYC'. "Yes, I'll admit, the remix is album is a completely selfish selection of the mixes that I've loved personally over the years (sic)," she posted on Twitter, before confirming: "Yes, NYC is a new song. xxx." Digital Spy reports that Dido has sold over 30 million records since releasing her debut album No Angel in 1999. Her most recent LP, Girl Who Got Away, peaked at number five in the UK and reached the top ten in 16 countries.

The end of the road for The Jonas Brothers?

When news emerged that The Jonas Brothers have cancelled their upcoming US tour to "creative differences", the rumours started to fly. Is in the end of the road for Kevin, Joe and Nick's career as The Jonas Brothers? TMZ reports that the brothers now feel the group has lost its identity and have agreed that releasing new music while they are arguing over their style would not be a good idea. The release of their new material is said to be the cause of the argument that prompted the tour cancellation, as each brother had a different vision ranging from pop to hard rock. No decision on the band's future has been made yet but they will meet this weekend to try to reach a conclusion, with sources telling the website that it "could go either way". The Jonas Brothers were due to release their new album V later this year.

HOT CD! Goldfish are back with a big bang with the release of their new CD, Three Second Memory

It's time to put on your dancing shoes with the new album by Goldfish, Three Second Memory. The album embodies the sounds, textures and emotions of the world we live in providing a living sound track to life as we know it, right at this moment.  Written over a two year period, and with the collective creative efforts of many talented musicians, Goldfish have crafted a brilliant musical work that perfects the bond between digital and analog. Vocalists like Emily Bruce will have you singing along on tracks like “Choose Your Own Adventure” and “He’s Crazy”, while Dom and Dave sample the past, resurrecting musical moments into new anthems. One such past-meets-present work of history and art is the album title track, “Three Second Memory” in which Dom and Dave marry the incomparable vocals of Marlena Shaw (originally sampled on Blue Boy’s famous hit Remember Me), with flawless precision. Other standout vocals include Monique Hellenberg’s sultry lullaby-esque delivery on “Planes and Jets” with a style that harkens back to the sound of Everything But The Girl, but in a tone and quality all her own. John Mani delivers a big room vocal (with deadmau5 approved lyrics) on “One Million Views” and Goldfish’s own David Poole lays down a few spectacular auricular moments on the songs “Away Game”, “Giant Leap” and “Take Back Tomorrow.”

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

SMOKING HOT! Guy Buttery's Live In KwaZulu

Guy Buttery (© Julia Pinheiro Franco)
Straight in from a world tour with stops in the UK, Canada and USA, renowned guitar legend guitar master Guy Buttery returns to SA and has announced 5 dates in the Gauteng region in support of the release of his first live album. For over a decade, the South African Music Award winning musician has sealed the deal with fans around the globe with his idiosyncratic and powerful live shows. This year the artist described as a “one man guitar orchestra” presents a live performance on CD and begins to promote the album. ‘Live in KwaZulu’ is a gathering of masterworks set before a live audience and strongly reaffirms Guy Buttery’s unique place in the world of guitar heroes today.  With sell-out performances in the US, the UK, Australia, France, Italy and all over Southern Africa, Guy is Africa’s biggest acoustic music export. In 2012, Buttery was invited to perform with the 52 piece KZN Philharmonic Orchestra, dubbed “Africa’s greatest orchestra” and was also voted “Top Live Show” in 2012 by The Cape Times. In July 2013, Guy was invited to join world renowned guitar legends Preston Reed and Jon Gomm for a series of concerts with the touring International Guitar Night. The media cited him “as one of South Africa‟s finest exponents of the acoustic guitar." Guy has also toured, recorded or supported artists such as Dave Matthews, Vusi Mahlasela, Kelly Joe Phelps, Xavier Rudd and 70’s folk icon Shawn Phillips.  Recorded over two nights, the brand new live album showcases Guy Buttery’s further explorations in instrumentation and innovative soundscapes. ‘Live in KwaZulu’ features, for the first time on CD, his vivid interpretation of Joanna Newsom's "The Book of Right On" and his much loved musical saw classic "Smithfield" (also known as “Martian Folk Song”). His life-long musical partner, Nibs van der Spuy performs on 2 of the 11 tracks. Live In KwaZulu is a tour de force which will take you on an incredible journey!

The Power of 5FM Presents Powerbytes Volume 1.2

After the success of their first collaborative release of ‘5FM Presents Powerbytes Vol1.2’, 5FM and Sony Music Entertainment Africa have today announced they will launch the second biggest South African marketing drive toward a music compilation album available exclusively in South Africa’s iTunes® store (http://www.apple.com/za).  The compilation album titled, “The Power of 5FM presents: Powerbytes Volume 1.2” features popular contemporary tracks carefully selected by the leading hit music station targeted at youthful South Africans. The album, which will be exclusive to the SA iTunes store for a full month, will be available to pre-order on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 on iTunes® at R89.99, it will consist of a total of 40 new tracks featuring both international and local South African artists and bands. The local artists featured on the album include Gateway Drugs, Zebra and Giraffe, Shaun Jacobs, Nakhane Toure, Das Kapital, Reason, iScream & the Chocolate Stix, Shortstraw, ClassyMenace and LCNVL. It's an absolute great compilation with a great mix of genres, and this blogger hope that Sony/5FM will release a Vol. 2 soon...

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ozzie fans of The Cult not very happy

Many fans of The Cult left the band's Festival Hall show in Melbourne somewhat shell-shocked after a patchy performance and verbal insults to the audience by singer Ian Astbury, reports music-news. Astbury surprised the audience with vulgar banter at one time telling the crowd that he would ejaculate in their faces if they didn't show how much they were enjoying the show. (That is the cleaned up version). Witnesses said that Astbury told the crowd that Melbourne had 'lost its rock and roll roots' and then complained that the crowd wasn't giving to the band.

Olly Murs goes naked at G-A-Y

Patrons at the famous London nightclub G-A-Y got more than they bargained for when English singer-songwriter Olly Murs got "naked" during his performance there. Club owner Jeremy Joseph said that that Olly "insisted getting naked during his performance". "Olly Murs got naked on stage, but it's funny because I did a bet with him that if his single went to number one, next time he performed at G-A-Y he'd have to get naked," Joseph told Digital Spy. "I made him sign a contract on stage and all that, but it was just a joke. A year later he went to number one and I didn't push it or anything, and it was him who was like, 'Oh, I suppose I should keep up my side of the bet'." Joseph added: "It's quite weird actually, because a lot more of the straight male popstars are much more at home doing that at G-A-Y than some of the gay popstars. "I find it funny that Olly was the runner-up on The X Factor to a gay popstar, but he's the one who gets naked on stage." McFly are the other male act who have famously stripped off in the gay club, with Jospeh adding: "I don't know why they even bother coming on stage dressed!"

Bizarre song & video of the week

Sometimes I wonder of the music industry is on certain occasions just plain stupid. Yes, I said STUPID! Point in case is the so-called new viral hit What Does The Fox Say? by the duo Ylvis. The music might be catchy (in a certain kind of Britney Spears Work Bitch way), but the lyrics are just the most mind numbing mumbo jumbo I've ever heard. Point in case: Dog goes woof; Cat goes meow; Bird goes tweet; and mouse goes squeek; Cow goes moo; Frog goes croak; and the elephant goes toot; Ducks say quack; and fish go blub; and the seal goes ow ow ow ow ow." Unfortunately that is the "good" part of the song. It is with the chorus that things get really freaky (aka shit!):

What the fox say?

What the fox say?

What the fox say?


Seriously, how long did it take the Norwegian group Ylvis (aka for Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker) to come up with the "intelligent" track? Yes, true, it's a fun track some might argue and yes the duo is a Norwegian comedy act, but for any decent music critic, this is just the biggest cow poo I've ever heard! They should rather stick to comedy and variety shows that music. And to add insult to injury, the video is just as freaky. A beautiful house in the forest, adults dressed up as silly animals, dance music and a fox and presto - a huge viral hit.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Anastacia reveals she had a double mastectomy

Singer Anastacia
With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, singer Anastacia has revealed that she had a double mastectomy. In a statement the singer says, "In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month l wanted to take the opportunity to support a cause particularly close to my heart, l was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time earlier this year and am currently in the final stages of recovery after undergoing a double mastectomy. It has been an intense journey but l am feeling great and ready to start the next chapter." Music-news says that the star went on to praise Breast Cancer Awareness Month, explaining it gives hope to many women all over the world. "Early detection has saved my life twice. I will continue to battle and lend my voice in any way I can," she said. Anastacia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 after it was found during a routine mammogram before her planned breast reduction surgery. She had a partial mastectomy and six weeks of radiotherapy. In February this year she was forced to cancel tour dates after finding her cancer had returned.

VIDEO REVIEW! Britney Spears - Work Bitch

Does this look like Brit Brit or a younger version of Katherine Kelly Lang?
I swear on my CD collection that while watching the new Brit Brit video for her new single, Work Bitch, that in certain shots she looked exactly like Katherine Kelly Lang, that is now soap speak for the wild child Brooke Logan from the soap The Bold And The Beautiful. But then I realised it was actually Brit Brit as Katherine would never be so slutty wild in her videos. Honestly, their is never a dull moment in the video for the club banger tune - it's everything but tame. Brit wiggles like a snake in spasm in the dessert, show scenes where her own perfume is an ad placement, cracking a whip (although very mildly) at a crawling woman, dancing in a club and something that resembles a strip joint! Geez, Pussy Galore, from the 007 movie Goldfinger, keeps popping up in my mind when I watched the video. It's really not bad, and she takes fans on bizarre trip, even in a pool with sharks! But I'm missing the glue that is supposed to keep all the images coherent.