Friday, 28 February 2014

Fokofpolisiekar back with rocking new song

Fokofpolisiekar (Credit: Alice Inggs)
Local rockers Fokofpolisiekar has surprised fans with the release of a hot new song, Paranoia. This is the first new release by the band singe their last single, Dagdronk from the VanFokKingTasties album in 2012. Francois van Coke said about Paranoia that they "have “written one of our greatest songs to date.” Hunter Kennedy ads, “We’ve spent our careers breaking down previously held opinions and stereotypes of Afrikaners to establish a new identity. That identity is not fully formed yet and I think a big part of forming that identity will be for Afrikaners to accept their ‘Africanness’. Afrikaners are the ones alienating themselves. Paranoia is one of the side-effects of not understanding who you are and where you fit in.” Fokofpolisiekar will be working on more new material this year and Hunter believes that “this song will set the concept of the album.” "We have been talking about writing new material forever. It's difficult to fit it into everyone's extremely busy schedules. We finally managed to finish off this song. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Johnny De Ridder.  It is the first time that he has done the complete thing for Fokofpolisiekar.  I think it is fresh and I could not have imagined it any different or better.  I am a fan of this song;  just as I was when we started writing the first FPK stuff in 2003. I am excited!'' says Wynand Myburgh. Fans of the band can download the new song for free from www.fokofpolisiekar.co.za

Thursday, 27 February 2014

REVIEW! Eminem kicks ass in Cape Town

Eminem live on stage in Cape Town, South Africa, on 26 February 2014
His name is Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady, aka Eminem, and he kicked some serious hip-hop ass in Cape Town as part of his Rapture 2014 tour. Cape Town was his first stop on his first ever South African tour. I was a bit worried that the stadium might be empty as there were indications (like I mentioned in an earlier post) that tickets weren’t selling. Well done to the promoters in their last minute ticket sale drive to manage to fill the stadium to the brim. At 21:00 the lights dimmed, the stage lights lit up and chaos broke out in the 40 000+ crown. Eminem was in the house! He opened with Survival and then ripped into a huge selection of his old super hits and his new material. ‘ White America’ had me standing on my seat pumping my fist in the air, ‘Love The Way You Lie’ I had my lighter flickering, ‘ The Monster’  saw me doing some nifty dance moves and ‘ Stan’ made me think of the time Em performed the song with (Sir) Elton John. The music was INCREDIBLY loud, it was freakin’ hot in the stadium (33 degrees Celsius) and my voice was raw from screaming and singing. ‘My Name Is’ had the crowd in a frenzy and the closing song from the 8 Mile soundtrack, ‘Lose Yourself’ was a fitting end to an EPIC show. Johannesburg, hope you guys are ready for this once in a time experience! * Support acts DJ Ready D was insanely good!, Jack Parow had us all wave our hands around while swearing in Afrikaans, and Queens New York rapper Action Branson, well, he was interesting (I felt sorry for Whitney Houston when he tried to rap over her hit I Wanna Dance With Somebody…bless her soul…).

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

UB40 tour: Ali Campbell sets the record straight

In light of a campaign to discredit the legitimacy of UB40’s SA tour based on it being made up of three of the original members and not all of them, the band has released a formal statement to set the record straight once and for all: “Following the statement by our ex-colleagues and co-musicians in UB40, we would like to reply with a clarification of the situation. Ali Campbell and Astro Wilson are the two long time vocalists who sang on all the previous UB40 albums and UB40 hits, (prior to the Country and Western album that the remaining members saw fit to record a matter of months ago).  Campbell and Astro ARE the voices of UB40 – they created the sound on record and on stage.  Anyone going to a concert by the remaining five will be treated to merely a karaoke version of how the band did indeed sound, with a replacement singer who has never recorded a previous UB40 album and is no part of the UB40 history. There is only one vocal sound for UB40 and only two genuine vocalists and it is us. We have a legal right to use the name UB40 and we intend to do so.  The only deception being committed here is by them, purporting to be a band that recorded the albums and songs that our loyal fans have bought over many years. We sing reggae, songs we recorded as UB40, plus new material.  UB40 is who we are and the fans can judge for themselves.” Seed Experiences is bringing the band to South Africa in April 2014.  They’ll play on Friday 4 April 2014 at Val de Vie Estate in Paarl and on Saturday 5 April 2014 at Emmarentia Dam in Johannesburg. It is well known that the famous frontman and voice of UB40, lead singer Ali Campbell left the band in 2008 along with Micky Virtue. Additional band member, Astro (Terence Wilson), left in 2013. In January 2014 these three members from the original band announced that they had reunited to perform live and to record new music under the name of UB40 and in the spirit of the original music. This is the tour that is coming to South Africa and is officially billed as UB40 as per the contract with their leading and reputable global booking agent The Agency Group Ltd. The other band in the UK is made up of the other remaining member and still performs under the name of UB40. This band performs without the legendary voice of Ali Campbell, Astro or Micky Virtue. The name dispute between the bands will be left to the artists to settle directly and does not affect the SA Tour going ahead as planned.   Fans can expect to hear the old classics like Red Red Wine, Kingston Town and Rat In Mi Kitchen. Considering the fact that Seed Experiences released the UB40 featuring Ali Campbell tour over a month ago, it is unfortunate that another South African event promoter who had apparently (and unbeknownst to Seed Experiences) wanted to bring the other UB40 to SA has tried to discredit the tour without contacting Seed Experiences first. If they, or any other promoter wish to bring out UB40 without their famous lead singer then of course they’re more than welcome to do so. Seed would also like to reiterate that they have been transparent from the outset that this tour comprises three of the band’s original members; as is evident in all marketing and campaign visuals, leaving no room for public confusion.

Monday, 24 February 2014

South African rock band Tree63 is reuniting for tour

After many years of silence, South African rock band Tree63 is reuniting on local soil for a whirlwind reunion tour. The band will be performing live at Pretoria's Atterbury Theatre on the 14, 15th April and at the 25th anniversary of the Splashy Fen Festival, 17 April, 2014. Tree63 disbanded at the end of 2007 after 10 years of international success. The band, at that stage based in Nashville TN for many years and having just completed its contract with US label InPop Records, performed together on a handful of occasions during 2008, and undertook a short tour of Canada at the end of 2009, but had essentially ceased operations. Lead singer John Ellis decided at the end of 2013, after more than five years’ silence from Tree63 following a rather inglorious disbandment, that some kind of consolidation of the band’s musical legacy should be undertaken. Despite the band's Christian identity, Tree63 remains a firm favourite in many countries of Christian and non-Christian music lovers alike. Tree63 has a rich history, and an interesting story to tell of the odd collision between art, religion, high finance, rock ‘n roll and theology. Inherent also to this band’s experience is that of taking a Western art-form from the tip of Africa all around the world and back again, and the inherent thrill of exile, international jet-setting, emigration and return. Tree63 released six albums in its relatively short career. Along the way, numerous music industry awards were given to the band: a Dove award for its 2001 US debut, various South African mainstream music industry awards and nominations, a Billboard award for the most-played song of 2004, as well as song writing and publishing awards for John Ellis. 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of one of South Africa’s most renowned music festivals, Splashy Fen. Tree63 performed at Splashy Fen on three separate occasions over the course of the years, and this anniversary year will see the band, along with other Splashy Fen alumni, on the Splashy main stage together again for the first time since 2008. To complement the band’s reunion tour, all six of the band’s albums will be re-issued in special collector’s packs.

Mos Def to deliver the Key Note Address at Music Exchange conference in Cape Town in March

Mos Def
South Africa’s premier music, film and entertainment programme returns to Cape Town City Hall, on the 7 and 8 March 2014, and this year the list of guest speakers is filled with nothing shy of true heavyweight material. Music Exchange’s latest coupe is the inclusion of Mos Def (aka Yasiin Bey) who will open this year’sforty-eight hour investment in our entertainment economy. Music Exchange is expanding its traditional music focus to include film and entertainment, by securing the attendance of Mos Def - aka Yasiin Bey, who has successfully crossed over from music into film thanks to acclaimed roles in The Italian Job, Def Poetry, 16 Blocks,  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Dexter, among others. South African-born film score composer Dr Trevor Jones, who has carved out a successful career in Hollywood and composed over 120 projects for film and television returns as Music Exchange board member this time.  Delegates can look forward to the renowned composer and mentor presenting a talk on his collaborations with the likes of Irish super group U2 and Sinéad O’Conner. Jones’ music scores remain the stuff of legend. These include Excalibur, The Dark Crystal, Notting Hill, Runaway Train, Angel Heart, The Last of the Mohicans amongst many more Hollywood Blockbuster movies. The inclusion of Germany’s World Economic Forum awarded Global Leader for Tomorrow recipient Tim Renner, will deliver global insights and cement its reputation as the critically important, game-changing event that it’s clearly become.Tim Renner, who is also Managing Director of Motor Music hasdeveloped artists such as Rammstein, Portishead and 2Pac. Rammstein album "Sehnsucht" sold more than 500.000 copies in Germany. In the US it sold more than 1 Million copies which made the album to the most famous German speaking album of all time. This year will also include the launch of the remix of Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse song “Jive Soweto" recorded nearly 30 Years ago by International Electronic Dance Music (EDM) UK pioneer Charles Webster. He returns to Music Exchange under the ADMT (African Dance Music & Technology) hat and will will host a 2 day intense workshop and interactive sessions by 2 world class DJ/producers; Charles Websterfrom the UK (Defected, Miso, Foliage, House Afrika, Freerange amongst many others) and Cape Town's Dino Michael (Good Hope FM, DJ Syndicate, Motherland Distribution, Defenders of the Deep etc.) A remix competition for attendees to remix one of Charles Webster's tracks was held last year at the ADMT Electronic Dance Music workshop, the winner will have his remixes released worldwide the week before the 2014 edition of ADMT.

Eminem Rapture tour ticket problems?

It sounds just wrong and even harder to imagine, but one can't help but to think that there might be a problem with the Eminem Rapture tour ticket sales. I hope I am wrong, but there were some signs that all could be not well in the ticket sales department. I bought a ticket in December - a seating ticket for R700. Mmm, it just sounded a bit expensive for me, but as I am very eager to see Eminem, I bought the ticket. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that there are now R200 tickets available. "Sure," I told myself, "U2 and Michael Jackson did the same a few days before their shows by releasing cheaper tickets." I know that with big shows, tickets are released in blocks. When one is sold out, more are released. What got me suspicious, when it was announced 48 hours before the show that you can now buy 1 ticket and get 1 free! In an email, it stated, "Promoters have just announced that all production ticket holds have now been released and are offering fans this once in a lifetime special deal to buy limited tickets available on the basis of buy one ticket and get one free over all price ranges. Why not use your bonus ticket on your Slim Shady alter-ego or a friend for free, so you both can lose yourself in the music." Could this be a sign that there are ticket sale problems and the Cape Town Stadium (68 000-seater, for concerts around 50 000) might look empty, or is it just a very clever PR strategy? I truly hope it's the latter...

Friday, 21 February 2014

Jack Parow talks about his new CD 'Nag Van Die Lang Pette' and being a support act for Eminem

The Arrow Of Parow is super stoked to be one of the supporting acts for rapper Eminem's first tour of South Africa. The Beat had a "dop" (drink) with Jack Parow while he was still trying to pinch himself that he is actually gonna open for Eminem, and he also talked to us about his latest killer double CD, 'Nag Van Die Lang Pette'.
Team Parow
Awesome release Jack! Why did you decide on doing a double CD? With the state of album sales and obviously the economy I wanted to give everyone something that really was worth spending money on. I think I hopefully did that.

The electro CD is just brilliant! Why going electro with CD 1? Like all things in life I'm zero to 100 from the get go and only think about the consequences afterwards,so that's why you listen to the electric side first and then when you're hungover you listen to the acoustic and try and puzzle all the shit you caused together.

Dans Met My ft Klipwerk Orkes is one of my favourite tracks. Never new boeremusiek and electro could go so well together. How did you manage to get the Klipwerf Orkes involved with the CD and what did they make of the final production of the song? I actually originally did it for a show called jam sandwich that Deon Maas set up, and it came out so lekker and they are such amazing and cool musicians that I decided it has to be on my album so that everyone that knows me can hear it. They loved the final product, so I'm happy!

I found the radio raps hilarious and so you. Who is the voice behind the radio raps and who wrote the verses for those radio raps? It's a friend of mine, he is nextlevel, check him out,he is all over the internet and jou ma se agterplaas. He wrote it all himself, or actually probably just winged it, he makes me cry.

CD 2 is more chilled than CD 1. Did you find it harder to record the acoustic versions of the songs, or was it a natural flow for you? It was actually a pretty easy vibe because I was lucky enough to be working with amazing musicians such as Loki Rothman and Justin de Nobrega...so it really was just a shit load of fun

You are one of the supporting acts for Eminem. Shot! When did you find out about this? About two weeks ago. So sudden!

Your thoughts on opening for Eminem? SO AMPED!! I would have just loved to watch him,so opening for him is fokken better

Are you a fan of Eminem? Of course, lyrically and flow wise there is no one that comes close,so can’t help but be a fan

What's the chances of you and Eminem collaborating on a song? haha...hopefully REALLY HIGH

What is your favourite Eminem track? My favourite is still "As The World Turns"

What can fans expect to hear when you support Eminem on his SA tour? We are working hard on our new set...so be ready...it’s gonna be crazy!!

WIN! The Beat and Suukie Music are giving 3 readers the chance to win a 'Nag Van Die Lang Pette CD'. Just answer the following question and send your answer with you contact details (name, surname, address) to THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. In the subject line, writer JACK PAROW. The winners names will be picked randomly. The decision is final. CLOSING DATE: 3 March 2014. Winners will be notified via email. Good luck to all the Jack Parow fans! Question: What is the name of “ boermusiek”  band that Jack recorded with?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

CD REVIEW! Tina Turner - Love Songs

I would like to believe that I'm a bit of a romantic. You know, listening to some old time love classics from Frank Sinatra and so forth, and now I'm listening to Tina Turner's Love Songs. Yes, I'm soppy. I just love the grandma of pop! Her music brings back memories of days gone by and hearing that old classic tunes just gives me the chills (in a good way).  Throughout Tina Turner’s extraordinary career, the multi-Grammy winning artist often sings about love, exploring both its joys and heartaches with her powerful voice on such unforgettable songs as the international smash “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” For the first time, a collection of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s greatest love songs. The album spans more than three decades and includes 18 tracks selected mainly from Turner’s impressive string of gold and platinum solo records. Much of the CD retraces Tina’s emotional comeback, which began in 1983 with Private Dancer, an album that’s sold more than five million copies. This new collection includes three songs from that record, a cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” the Top 10 title track, and “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” which stayed atop the charts for three weeks and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2012. Several selections from her other records released in the 1980s are also included here with “Two People” from Break Every Rule (1986) and “The Best” from Foreign Affair (1989). Turner continued to electrify audiences in the 1990s with “Way Of The World,” a new song featured on her greatest hits collection Simply the Best (1991) and “I Don’t Wanna Fight” from the soundtrack to her 1993 biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It. To close out the decade, she released two more solo records – Wildest Dreams (1996) and Twenty Four Seven (1999). Both albums are represented on this collection by fantastic songs like “When The Heartache Is Over” and her cover of John Waite’s “Missing You”.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

TOUR! Francois van Coke, Hunter Kennedy & Pierre Greeff presents Sporadies Nomadies

Sporadies Nomadies (Sporadically Nomadic) is a series of intimate theatre shows where acoustic renditions of Die Heuwels Fantasties, Fokofpolisiekar, Lukraaketaar and Van Coke Kartel songs will be performed.  Francois van Coke, Hunter Kennedy and Pierre Greeff will perform the songs chronologically, with stories about life on the road and the deeper meanings of the songs in between. Hunter says that “as we got older and started performing at more theatres and Barnyards, we wanted to see if we could put something together that caters specifically to those types of venues.” Jedd Kossew from Van Coke Kartel and Richard Onraet from Black Handed Kites will accompany the guys.  The first series kicks off at Die Boer in Durbanville on 11, 12, and 13 March.  The whole family is welcome.

SA's Filipa Carmo da Silva wins the RyanSeacrest.com One Direction cover song contest

Filipa (Credit: Richard Cook)
South Africa’s own YouTube sensation Filipa Carmo da Silva (18) has won the RyanSeacrest.com search for the best One Direction cover of their smash hit ‘Story of My Life’. The competition, which began in January with 26 finalists, was driven by public vote and each week a number of contestants were eliminated. Filipa walked away with top honours ahead of X-Factor UK’s twins Jedward (who placed second) and X-Factor US finalist Josh Levi (who placed third). Filipa was approached by Ryan Seacrest’s production team and asked if she would enter the competition, which is run via the popular American radio personality’s website. “Winning this competition has been the highlight of my career so far and to have the support from the media and public both in South Africa and overseas has been mind blowing,” said Filipa, who recently moved to Cape Town to pursue her studies in performing arts. Filipa matriculated in 2013 at Cornwall Hill College in Pretoria. The song was recorded and produced by South Africa’s finest producers Brian O’Shea and Crighton Goodwill and Kyle White directed the music video. Filipa’s debut original single is scheduled for release in March 2014. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

U2 to perform at the Oscars 2014

Bono from U2
Irish rockers U2 is setting their sights on the Oscars. Bono and the lads will perform the song ‘Ordinary Love’ , from the movie Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. The band are nominated in the Best Original Song category alongside Pharrell Williams (Despicable Me 2), Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (Frozen) and Karen Orzolek and Spike Jonze (Her). Pharrell will also perform the evening. Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is to oversee the ceremony from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on 2 March. M-Net will air the awards ceremony on Monday 3 March at 19:30.

Jack Parow and Action Bronson announced as supporting acts for Eminem's Rapture Tour to SA

Jack Parow
The countdown to Eminem’s arrival has begun. The rap icon is bringing his EMINEM RAPTURE 2014 Tour to the continent for his first live shows in Africa. Primedia and Dainty Group are proud to announce that American Rapper Action Bronson and South Africa’s own Jack Parow will be the supporting acts on the EMINEM RAPTURE 2014 Tour. The South African leg of the Tour will hit Cape Town Stadium on 26 February, 2014 and Ellis Park Stadium on 1 March, 2014. Action Bronson is a former chef. This Queens MC and former XXL Cover Freshman is known for his gritty style and slick rhymes. His latest EP Saab Stories debuted Top 10 in the US and solidified his position as one of the hottest rappers today. Jack Parow needs no introduction for South African music lover. With his unique Afrikaans rap style and rhymes, he has captivated the local and international music scene. He has just released his latets CD, "Nag Van Die Lang Pette." 

Confirmed: New Madonna CD in the works

There is no rest for the Queen of Pop (or is it the Gran Of Pop?), Madonna. Queen or Gran, who cares, Madonna is a ball of music energy that keeps transforming her musical style and keep us interested in her music and guessing what the next CD will sound like. Well, Madge has confirmed that she is already working on her next CD. This will be a follow-up to her 2012 CD, MDNA. She told The Canadian Press, "Yes, plans are in the works already, but don't ask me with who, it's a secret. Top Secret." When asked if she would consider working with someone like Drake, she replied, "If he'll have me." Who do you think Madonna should work with next?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

CD Review! Boyzone - BZ20

Honestly, I've never been a fan of boy bands. Full stop. Westlife, Boyzone, The Backstreet Boys, the list goes on. So when BZ20 fell into my lap and just rolled my eyes and shelved it. My fiancé, on the other hand, is a big lover of boy bands. He took the CD and put it on repeated play in his car, without me knowing about it. So the other day we were driving to Cape Town and the CD was playing. I had no idea it was Boyzone. I found myself singing along, liking the atmospheric stadium sound of the rock and pop tunes and were pleasantly surprised how much I loved the cover versions of the songs Everything I Own (originally done by Bread and rerecorded by Boy George,  The Connells, Jack Jones, Ken Boothe, Olivia Newton-John, Georgie Fame, Jude, Rod Stewart) and Nobody Knows (originally done by Tony Rich in 1996). When I asked my fiancé, what CD this was, I was quite surprised and taken aback to learn it was Boyzone. "Seriously!?" I gasped. Have you ever! This is a great CD. A stunner of a CD with a collection of songs that will make you want to sing and tap your feet. This is a must now on my playlist in the car. Boyzone has been 20 years in the business (thus BZ20) and they sure get my stamp of approval with this release.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cape Town singer Filipa makes final round of Ryanseacrest.com One Direction cover contest

Cape Town singer,

Filipa Carmo da Silva
The 18-year-old South African YouTube sensation Filipa Carmo da Silva has made it to the final round of the RyanSeacrest.com One Direction Cover Contest. The search started 3 weeks ago for the best YouTube cover version of the boy band’s smash hit single ‘Story of My Life’ and each week, the artists with the most votes have made through to the higher rounds. Filipa is joined in the final round by X Factor UK finalists Jedward, X Factor US finalist Josh Levy and The Vamps, who are currently making waves on the global music scene.  The final round ends on Sunday 16 February 2014 with the winner being announced on Monday 17 February 2014. “I am very excited and honoured to be in the final round and have to thank the local media for backing me and, of course, the South African public whose continuous voting and undying support has kept me in the competition,” said Filipa, who recently moved to Cape Town to pursue her studies in the Performing Arts. The public can vote by going to www.ryanseacrest.com, click to the Contests tab, then to the One Direction cover Final contest tab. They will need to tick the box next to Filipa’s name and hit the Vote button. Voting can be done once every 12 hours and the public is encouraged to vote every day for the next week, twice a day. In view of the time differences between South Africa and America, people can vote when they get into the office and again before they leave to go home. Filipa recorded the cover with esteemed producers Brian O’Shea and Crighton Goodwill, who added an element of originality to her critically acclaimed version of the song.  The music video was directed and filmed by Kyle White, who has become an established name on the music video scene. Filipa is currently working on her first original single, which is set for release in March.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Slash reveals his favourite horror movie of all time

Guitarist Slash is not only known for killer guitar riffs, but also a founding member of Guns N' Roses, the lead guitarist of Velvet Revolver and the man behind Slash's Snakepit. He is also a fan of horror movies and expanding his creative talents into the horror genre. He has launched a film production company, aptly called Slasher Films, follow8ing in the footsteps of fellow rocker Rob Zombie who also producers horror movies. The guitarist told digitalspy.com, "My favourite horror movie? That's always a tough one, there's a lot of great horror movies. I think The Omen - the original - is one of my favourites. One great package of horror, so we'll go with that one. It was one of the great '70s real feature horror films, that they really haven't made in a long time. Where you had not necessarily a big budget horror movie, but just the presence of a real movie in theatres." He added, "I'm a great fan of monsters in horror movies, so you have to have a great villain. That's what inspired me to go ahead and go, 'I wanna produce', because I wanted to do something that's non-existent for the most part at this point."

It's time for RAMfest 2014

Biffy Clyro
Now most would say that they hardly remember their 8th birthday, but RAMfans, this is all going to change right here, right now! Get your party shoes out!  We are bringing you a stellar line up of incredible international and local acts in 2014: These bands have sold millions of albums, won coveted awards, charted on the Billboard 200 and play major festivals worldwide. Ladies and Gentlemen, the long wait is over, and in vowing to always bring you the very best in alternative music, RAMfest 2014, proudly presents more than 50 bands and DJ`s, including 5 International Acts: Biffy Clyro (Scotland), Killswitch Engage (USA), Camo and Krooked (Austria) featuring Dynamite MC (UK), Foals (UK) and Trivium (USA.) Festivties get underway on 6 - 9 March in Cape Town at Elandskloof, Villiersdorp and Witfontein, JR 512, Bronkhorstspruit.RAMfest 2014 tickets are available here: http://goo.gl/wuiZKF,  from www.ramfest.co.za or plankton.mobi.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Valentine's Day – Love Sucks with 5FM

No matter your love persuasion, 5FM Love Sucks celebration can help you unlock love, or at the very least make sure you have a good laugh, on Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s big day isn’t just for couples, in fact, it can be more fun if you’re not committed. Love Sucks is the coolest way to celebrate Valentine’s Day – whether you’re single or not. Partygoers can expect a night of unforgettable 5FM-style entertainment with a sassy, loved-up edge – Riddler cards and love potions are designed to raise money for 5FM’s Youngblood 5 charities, so come dressed up as either a Superhero or Villain hosted by 5FM personalities and the hottest dance floor tunes as the 5FM DJs take to the decks. 5FM’s crazy doctor Roger Goode, MsCosmo and sassy Poppy will entertain crowds in Johannesburg at Manhattans and Rob Forbes and Fix, and DJ Milkshake will keep the Durban crowd company at Vogue Night Club. And the dresscode? ‘Heroes Vs. Villains’. Yes, really! We want everyone in character, there will even be professional make-up artists to complete the look if need be. Strength booths will be there to test your ability to save the damsel in distress or steal her away from that Joker. All one has to do is pre-register to 5FM’s Love Sucks otherwise entrance at the door costs only R50 per person before 22:00 and thereafter R100. All the money goes to a cause supported by 5FM’s CSI campaign, Youngblood5. Registering for Love Sucks is simple and easy. SMS your name, surname, age and city you live in to 45555 at a cost of R1.50 and 5FM will be in contact. Whatever your love persuasion (whether you’re a boy who likes girls, a girl who likes boys, a boy who likes boys, a girl who likes girls, a boy who likes boys and girls or a girl who likes boys and girls) you’ll find it at the hottest and original 5FM Love sucks party. Find your love match and you could win VIP access, awesome prizes and who knows, maybe that person’s heart...  Make sure you receive your super power ring on the night to distinct your sexual preference and be on the lookout for the Riddler Cards to receive your love potion, there will be loads of chances to be part of a stage game panel hosted by the 5FM personalities. Love Sucks takes place on February 14th at the Manhattan Night, Joburg and Vogue Night Club in Durban. Listen to 5FM for more information or visit us online for details on how to win.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

UB40 touring South Africa in April

UB40 is coming to tour South Africa, again.. but this time with the original members, including vocalist Ali Campbell. The legendary reggae band will do some “Red Red Wine” in Paarl on Friday 4 April at the exclusive Val de Vie Winelands Lifestyle Estate and in Johannesburg on Saturday 5 April at Emmarentia Dam. With more than 50 hit singles and record sales in excess of 70 million worldwide, UB40 remain one of the most successful bands of all time. Three of the founding members have reunited, including the original vocalist Ali Campbell, who is set to mesmerize audiences with his signature voice. Seed  Experiences and DStv are proud to bring UB40 back to the country in April for the two exclusive concerts. DSTV is proud to come on board as media partner along with Heart 104.9FM as Cape Town radio partner, and to bring fans the band’s all time classics such as ‘Red Red Wine’, ‘Kingston Town’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, which are known and adored across the world and sound as fresh today as they did when they were first released. One of the most commercially successful acts of all time in terms of record sales, chart positions and touring schedules, UB40’s simple formula of accessible reggae, catchy songs and electrifying live performances continues to draw massive crowds as they tour the world’s top venues in their fourth decade together. Tickets are on sale from R395 at Webtickets. Get yours now and see UB40 live at two of South Africa’s top venue.*UB40 is brought to you by DStv.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sex, tits & Enrique Iglesias

Now you might be offended by the title of this little news piece, but if you haven't seen the new Enrique Iglesias single, I'm A Freak, then the heading sums it up quite perfectly. The song, which features Cuban rapper Pitbull, is set in the midst of a debauched house party. Half naked girls running around, Enrique kissing and caressing a girl's bum (she is only dressed in a panty and bra). The song, which has quite a club vibe to it, is the first single to be taken from hottie Enrique's 10th studio album, Sex + Love. This is the third single on which Iglesias and Pitbull have collaborated after the likes of "I Like It" and "I Like How It Feels".