Tuesday, 28 February 2017

MARK HAZE Shakes Things Up With His NEW Single ‘Shake What Your Mama Gave You’

Mark Haze is proudly releasing his second single, ‘Shake What Your Mama Gave You’ and it’s a track filled with funk, rhythm and soul similar to songs you’ve heard before only from the great pop-legends like Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. ‘Shake What Your Mama Gave You’ was exclusively premiered on Goodhope FM’s DJ Seano’s show last week. This single hopes to even surpass the success of Mark’s previous single ‘Better Than This’, which has been received with overwhelming positive response and picked up by major stations like 5FM and Jacaranda, among others.

Mark’s wish for those listening to his new single, is to feel inspired to get up, get out there and give it your all and says, “the track is really about giving it all you got with everything you do in life. Make it count, you know? No matter how much people try to force you into boxes and moulds, at the end of the day you gotta claim what’s yours and shake what you were born with - the drive and will to be successful. So get up and go, go, go! ‘Shake What Your Mama Gave You’ has been made with loads of funk and soul - it’s a song that also gives it all and shakes it all.”

‘Shake What Your Mama Gave You’ is available from iTunes here: http://hyperurl.co/a9eest 

Plans for a new music video for ‘Shake What Your Mama Gave You’ are underway and a playful, fun theme will be the basis of this video production. The music video will be released in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out.

DIE HEUWELS FANTASTIES Releases their Debut Album on Vinyl

In March 2009, DIE HEUWELS FANTASTIES released their self-titled debut album and shifted boundaries in die South African music landscape with their fresh sound and beautiful lyrics.  This critically acclaimed album produced treasures like Klein Tambotieboom, Leja, Sonrotse, Pille vir Kersfees and Jack Parow’s debut song, Die Vraagstuk.  Singles from this album coveted numerous number 1 positions on radio stations. 

Awards for the album include a SAMA award for Best Alternative album (Afrikaans), MK Awards for Group (Sonrotse) and MFM 92.6 Campus Hit (Pille vir Kersfees), a Huisgenoot Tempo award for Gewildste Kopskuif Album (Most popular Head Shift album), a Rapport VAMT for Best Group Album, was MFM 92.6’s #1 Top 10 South African album of 2009 and one of the songs was on Beeld’s Top 25 songs of 2009.

Die Heuwels Fantasties are now releasing a limited edition vinyl of this album.  Only 500 copies were printed and are available from their online shop – www.suprashop.co.za.

Friday, 10 February 2017

The Blue Man Group EXCLUSIVE interview part 2

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Blue Man Group member Meridian. Here is what he had to say about the make-up and why they touring South Africa for the first time.

How many Blue Men are their actually in the group? I understand there are more than 3 and they rotate per shows.
We are a cast of 4 on the world tour. Each of the six other Blue Man shows, New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Berlin has its own cast of between 4 and 6 Blue Men. It's a diverse and unique group of people!! We move around between shows over time so we get the chance to work with lots of different versions of the character which makes things really fun!

I saw you guys back in Las Vegas in a couple of years ago and wondered why don't you tour South Africa, and here you are. What convinced you to tour South Africa?
We want to share our wonderful show with as many different people in as many places as we can! Blue Man Group is curious about the world around it just like the character is curious about the people around him. We thrive on interaction and the wider we reach out, the richer the inspiration we share in.

How did you guys create the Blue Man group?
To connect. To inspire. To celebrate. To have a great time!!

For people who don't know, what's the concept behind the Blue Man group?
Blue Man Group is about exploring and experiencing the joy of connection and celebration. The three blue guys take the audience on a journey to the best parts of themselves and then we all celebrate that together!!

I’ve always wondered, how long does it take to put the make-up on? And what's the process of getting you ready for stage and outfits?
Our preparations begin about two hours before curtain. We get together with the band and technicians and at through music together and gel our connection with each other. If we can be tight within our group, we can then extend that connection and create it in the audience. The make-up process happens in the final hour before the show starts. We continue our process of play so we can bring that to the stage.

How long does it take to remove the make-up and other blue stuff and costumes after a show?
That's a bit more individual. Some guys are quite skillful at it and can be out in a half hour or so. I'm a bit slower and take an hour sometimes!! Our post show ritual involves a daily review of how we all felt the show went. The band joins us and we discuss what went great, what could've been better (if anything); we celebrate any unexpected moments that resulted in a fun bit of improvisation or spontaneous interaction. There is a special atmosphere of collaboration that takes place starting before the show and continuing until the last moments when we say good night!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

EXCLUSIVE! We talk to the Blue Man Group

They are blue, they make fantastic music and make you wanna get up and dance. They are the Blue Man Group and we had a chance to speak to one of the guys from Blue Man Group, Anthony.

When and where was the Blue Man Group started?
The Blue Man Group was formed by three friends in New York City in 1989. The concept was so successful that they were able to open their first show in Astor Place in 1991.

What can local audiences expect when they go to a Blue Man Group show?
Audiences can expect to be amazed.  They can expect to see and hear things they never have before.  They can expect to wear ponchos, dance, laugh until their cheeks hurt, and maybe even come up on stage.  They can expect to meet an unusual character and be part of an experience that as completely unique.

What inspired you to create the Blue Man Group?
The creators of the Blue Man Group wanted to create a show that they would want to see.  They wanted to make an immersive experience for theater goers of all ages, creeds, and cultures.  The show does just that.  It allows audience members to meet the Blue Men and see a world unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

You guys play very interesting instruments in your shows. How do you go about choosing what instrument to use?
Since this show is so different, the music and instruments have to be as well.  Blue Man Group is well known for drumming but we also have some wonderfully strange instruments.  Some of the best Blue Man music is made using plastic PVC tubing.  We cut the tubes to different lengths and love the unique tonal qualities.  It is a very good example of the show, the Blue Men like to take something ordinary from our world and elevate it to something wonderful.

What has been the most bizarre instrument you ever had to play on stage?
The most bizarre instrument I play is without a doubt the Electric Zither.  It is a basically a plank of wood with almost 100 strings stretched across!  The instrument is played with finger picks, glass slides, and old tape measures.  It is capable of very high energy rock sounds as well as ambient and eerie atmospheric sounds that add wonderful dimension and tension to the Blue Man soundscape.

How do you choose the music for the show?
Music for the show is written a few different ways.  We have a “lab” in New York City in which new ideas and songs are constantly being generated.  We also have a strong history of oral tradition among the performers.  Sometimes choices and experiments made in a particular show can be passed on to other performers and become part of the show every night!

Do you create your own music besides playing other peoples music?
The music of the Blue Man Group is completely original and unlike anything else you will find. We do have a section of the show in which the Blue Men play some local favorites for the audience!

Catch them live now!
Johannesburg: 7 February 2017 – 5 March 2017
Cape Town: 21 March 2017 – 26 March 2017

Friday, 3 February 2017

PRESSER: Depeche Mode single & CD release

Iconic, multi-platinum selling musical pioneers Depeche Mode have released their much anticipated new single “Where’s The Revolution” today. A powerful and timely track, the song vibrates with a drum laden, menacing energy, anchored in frontman Dave Gahan’s vocals demanding, “Where’s The Revolution / Come on people you’re letting me down.”

First teased by Depeche Mode during their highly viewed press conference in Milan this past fall, “Where’s The Revolution” is the first new music from the band in four years and the first offering from their upcoming album, Spirit.  Available now for pre-order, Spirit will be released digitally and physically worldwide on March 17th on Columbia Records. All artwork and photographs accompanying the album are by Depeche Mode’s long time creative collaborator and renowned filmmaker Anton Corbijn.

Spirit marks the band’s first collaboration with producer James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco (Foals, Florence & The Machine, Arctic Monkeys) and serves as the follow up to the band’s blockbuster 2013 album Delta Machine which debuted at #1 in 12 countries.  The album has already garnered critical acclaim in early previews, with Q Magazine calling Spirit “the most energized Depeche Mode album in years”.

Says Gahan of the release, "We are exceptionally proud of Spirit, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone. With James Ford and the rest of the production team, we've made an album that I believe is truly powerful, both in its sound and its message.".

REVIEW! Depeche Mode - Where's The Revolution

Today I declared official Depeche Mode day for myself as I was up early to hear the single Where's The Revolution and I'm impressed. It's a cross between Exciter, Playing The Angel and Songs Of Faith And Devotion. Maybe a clip of Delta Machine thrown into the mix. Lead singer David Gahan said the CD (and song) was politically charged and that message clearly comes through with the lyrics:

You've been kept down

You've been pushed 'round

You've been lied to

You've been fed truths

Who's making your decisions?

You or your religion

Your government, your countries

You patriotic junkies

Where's the revolution?

Come on, people

You're letting me down
Where's the revolution?
Come on, people
You're letting me down

You've been pissed on

For too long

Your rights abused

Your views refused

They manipulate and threaten

With terror as a weapon

Scare you till you're stupefied

Wear you down until you're on their side

The train is coming
The train is coming
The train is coming
The train is coming
So get on board
Get on board
Get on board
Get on board

The engine's humming
The engine's humming
The engine's humming
The engine's humming
So get on board
Get on board
Get on board
Get on board

Although fans are bitching and moaning about this song, calling it an "extension of Delta Machine) I don't agree. The chorus is so catchy and the lyrics speaks to me, especially in the times we're living in. I love this song and can't wait to hear the CD Spirit when it's released on 17 March.

JACK PAROW launches his own brandy - Parow Brandy

Parow Brandy to get the good times rolling

It’s no secret that Jack Parow loves brandy almost as much as he loves rapping.  So much so that he often raps about it and included an ode to brandy, Ricky Louw, on his self-titled debut album back in 2010 – “Ek like my brannas drie vingers sterk en yskoud.”  (I like my brandy three fingers strong and ice cold.)

It has always been Jack’s dream to have his own brandy so that he never goes thirsty and now this dream has come true and he can’t wait for you to taste it.

The Parow Brandy is a 3 year premium hand crafted brandy. It was created by Jack Parow to fill the gap in the local market for a premium locally produced brandy met skop and lots of flavour, hence the tag 'karate water' on the label.

It is produced by a small cellar in Montagu and is the highest quality and best tasting 3 year brandy around.

The brandy will be exclusively stocked in Checkers stores country-wide for February.  From March 2017 the brandy will be available country-wide at various outlets.

The Parow Brandy is the house brandy at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg and at all RocoMamas Restauraunts country-wide and is rolling out to other bars and restaurants soon.

Rubber Duc Announces Special Valentine’s Show And Brand New Single ‘Feet’!

Rubber Duc are excited to announce a very special Valentine’s show with Majozi! “CUPID KLAPPED ME” is the ultimate Valentine’s night out. The Ducs and Majozi have put together a beautiful event to entertain all romantics on Tuesday 14 February at Primi Piatti, Lifestyle Garden Centre, in Randpark Ridge. The romantically challenged are welcome too – you never know when Cupid might sweep you off your feet…

"Every show we have done at Primi has been such a vibe! The venue is beautiful, the food is tasty, the craft gin bar is totally unique and everybody has great time! However to make this Valentine's Day show even more special for you and your squeeze we have our good friend Majozi joining us! We cannot wait!" and front man Nick Jordaan is very excited to entertain fans once again at this special venue.

To celebrate this very romantic part of the year, Rubber Duc also announces the release of their next single ‘Feet’ taken from their debut album ‘The Secret Sunrise’.

Rubber Duc released their debut album ‘The Secret Sunrise’ on the 3rd of October last year and the album has already spawned the hits ‘It’s Alright’ and ‘Are We There Yet?’. ‘Feet’, the 3rd single from the album, has become a viral sensation and must-hear song at Rubber Duc gigs after they performed the song live on the Breakfast Express on 947 in September of last year. Fans will be very excited to hear that ‘Feet’ will hit the radio airwaves from Tuesday 7 February when the Ducs once again join the 947 Breakfast Express team to launch the single as well as the music video for ‘Feet’.

Watch the teaser video here for ‘Feet’ - https://www.facebook.com/RubberDucMusic/videos/1200038656783967/

Rubber Duc and Majozi promises that ‘We’ll Sweep You Off Your Feet’ this Valentines. Tickets are limited with great prizes up for grabs at the event, so get your tickets now at only R120pp from http://rubberduc.nutickets.co.za .

‘The Secret Sunrise’ album - https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/the-secret-sunrise/id1149544597

Website: http://www.rubberducmusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RubberDucMusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RubberDucMusic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RubberDucMusic

Francois van Coke - Hierdie is die Lewe

Francois van Coke’s second full length album, Hierdie is die Lewe (This is the Life) will drop on the 2nd of February 2017.

“Hierdie is die Lewe is about life, the good, the bad, love and hate, the past, the future and the present.” Francois van Coke

This album is the natural progression from his successful and acclaimed self-titled debut album and can be viewed as a snapshot of where Francois is in his life right now.  The sound is similar to the first album and Francois stays introspective. 

Hierdie is die Lewe was produced by Johnny de Ridder (Fokofpolisiekar guitarist) and Rudolph Willemse (Francois’ bassist) at Soft Light City in Bellville and Francois crafted the songs over time with his band, Die Gevaar.

“I’ve been listening to older pop tunes by Beach Boys and The Beatles and their influences can be heard on my album’s melodies and sound.  There are still a few rock ‘n roll numbers and some ballads,” says Francois.

Louise Carver Presents Music On The Lawn At The Rumbullion In Cape Town On Monday 27 February

Louise Carver announces one of her finest shows to date as she hosts Music On The Lawn At The Rumbullion, The Roundhouse, in Cape Town on Monday 27 February.

There are very few things in this life as beautiful as a Clifton sunset whilst you enjoy the exquisite voice of one of South Africa's favourite female singer songwriters, Louise Carver. Louise will be accompanied by the incredible violinist, Galina whose playing goes deep into your soul, greatly enhancing the raw emotion of Louise's well known hit songs.

Music On The Lawn is about bringing beautiful musicians together to create an experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

“Just the act of singing is a spiritual experience for me on its own, but when you add in one of the most beautiful views in the world at my favourite time of the day, with the emotional sounds of violinist Galina, you create a truly special moment,” explains Louise Carver.

There are limited tickets available for this special event to keep it exclusive and intimate in this private setting.

Please bring your old blankets to sit on - there will be a collection basket at the end of the show for you to drop your blankets off. Louise will then donate them to an animal welfare society in Cape Town the following day.

Also to be enjoyed during the show is Louise Carver’s performance of her most recent hit single “Lift Off” taken from her brand new 6th studio album “Hanging In The Void”. Watch the music video for “Lift Off” here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccbrv7Yck84

Watch the following video for a taste of violinist Galina’s amazing live performance:  https://youtu.be/gpjFEePc4rY

Date:     Monday, 27 February 2017
Event:   Evergreen Events presents Music on the lawn feat. Louise Carver & violinist Galina
Venue: The Rumbullion, Roundhouse, Campsbay, Cape Town
Address: Round House Road (off Kloof Road), The Glen, Camps Bay, Cape Town
Time:    5:30pm - 8pm

**Space very limited

Ticket price: R250pp - Ticket link: http://www.louisecarver.com/Buy-Tickets

Pizzas and a fully stocked bar will be available on the evening

Introducing: Siphs - hot new break-out star!

Joburg-born Siphs is only 20 years old, but she’s been perfecting her craft for years on theatre stages across the world and is ready to release her own music. ‘We’ll Go Far’ is the powerful debut single from Siphs and is released to radio this week.

Listen to her incredible debut single ‘We’ll Go Far’ here - https://soundcloud.com/user-599019819/well-go-far-single

"All the hard work is paying off!" elates singer, songwriter and actress Siphs on the release of her very own single ‘We'll Go Far’. From the early age of seven, Siphs began her journey in the arts. From performing her favourite songs for her family, to doing major productions throughout her school career, more over touring Europe as a backing vocalist for the Whitney Houston tribute show. Siphs is definitely going far and is very excited to share her music with the world!

"It's finally happening and I cannot possibly be more ready than I am right now!" exclaims an excited Siphs. “’We’ll Go Far’ is an anthem and a song for any moment in life. It’s an encouragement for not only myself but for anyone who believes they’ll go far in all they do in life. It’s also a song about love and appreciation for any relationship a person could be pursuing. Going far is something we all dream of doing in what we love and this year for me going far is the dream!”

The Whitney Houston tribute show travelled to over 9 different countries as Siphs sang to audiences in Zurich, Austria, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Lithuania and the Netherlands in late 2016.

It might have been years in the making, but this is just the beginning for Siphs. SA has a brand-new pop star on the rise.

We’ll Go Far is out now on iTunes for digital download – https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/well-go-far-single/id1155498582

WONDERboom Release Their Brand New Single OOH LA LA

WONDERboom have released their brand new single and the music video for ‘Ooh La La’.

Celebrating 21 years in the music industry, WONDERboom are one of South Africa’s longest-standing rock bands and boast an impressive catalogue of songs which include the hits ‘Never Ever’, ‘Something Wrong’, ‘Jafta Rebel’, along with their legendary rendition of √®Void’s hit ‘Shadows’.

‘Ooh La La’ brings to life the classic rock sound fans have come to love from WONDERboom. Hitting hard from the intro with Martin Rocka’s powerful guitar riffs followed by Cito’s cool frontman vocal delivery, the 4-piece band keeps Rock & Roll alive and well, challenging the clean pop sounds of the current mainstream music landscape.

Watch the music video for ‘Ooh La La’ here – https://youtu.be/dClpvI2KkWo

“‘Ooh La La’ was an extremely fun video to shoot. It took some acting, some miming, some tomfoolery and serious imagination. We’ve really found a beautiful visual relationship with Roger Williams, that we haven’t had in a long time. He just totally gets our music, our personalities and our vision. So many times we take ourselves too seriously and then totally miss the boat, being ‘cool rockstars’. ‘Ooh La La’ is us in touch with our childish selves,” comments frontman, Cito.

‘Ooh La La’ follows 2016’s ‘Great Escape’ as the second track from WONDERboom’s forthcoming and 9th studio album due for release in April through Gallo Record Company.

‘Ooh La La’ is out now on for streaming on Apple Music and available for digital download from iTunes – https://itun.es/za/x0Sthb

Ashlinn Gray and RADA Unearthed spread message of hope with new single Finding Home

Ashlinn Gray, in her pursuit to inspire others through her music, has always written songs with a deeper meaning and purpose. So when she was approached by RADA Unearthed to write a song for their cause, she was delighted.

RADA, in all their endeavours, strive to effect change. An acronym for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse, RADA aims to combat addictions by building comprehensive renewal centres worldwide. While involved in various CSI initiatives, the non-profit company also contributes to the arts through the project RADA Unearthed.

The project’s aim is to unearth new talent, as well as give artists a platform to showcase their talent and in turn raise awareness for RADA itself. Since music is so integral to human life and has the power to change lives, the belief is that the music would bring a message of hope and restoration to people’s lives.

That is exactly what Finding Home does.

The latest single from the RADA Unearthed compilation, Ashlinn Gray’s Finding Home comes from a place of hurt and feeling lost.

She explains, “It’s letting go of the things that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.”
The song follows a series of prior singles, including Believe by Howie Combrink, Free by Naming James and Undefeated by Caroline Borole, released to critical acclaim.

Ashlinn concludes, “Working with RADA on the RADA Unearthed album was such a special experience because they work with heart. I believe music is a type of medicine that the world needs and RADA recognised that need and put out a product that is guaranteed to inspire and heal.”

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/ashlinngray/finding-home
or download on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/na/album/finding-home-single/id1196039793

For more information, visit www.radaunearthed.co.za